Weakly [sic]

1. I didn’t get the job. Perhaps it was the dream job question? I cannot resist a bag of Doritos, especially if it’s accompanied by a couch, so maybe that answer got me shuffled into the “no way in hell is Vicky Bach working here ever” pile. Anyways, I drank some Tide and now I’m over it. My insides are fluffier and smell much better now thanks.

2. I have worked harder this week at work than I EVER have in the history of having this job. Which is four years next month. I think I realized that, seeing as I’m not leaving anytime soon, I’d better get organized and make working as easy on myself as possible. Richard and I decided that I wouldn’t look for new work again until after the summer holidays. We are planning a trip to Disney (World or Land…haven’t decided) in May, we’re off to the Merritt Mountain Music Festival in July and then we’re doing Calgary/Edmonton/and literally the rest of Alberta in August. That wouldn’t bode well with a new employer. “Hello, it is my first day and I would like to request 6 quadrillion weeks worth of holidays!”

3. Regarding that last post, which went over like a lead balloon (which? big surprise here in scarce-commentville). I need to explain something. Before I started reading “Mommy Blogs” I don’t think I had any idea that I’d done anything wrong in the way I’ve raised my children. I have to admit that I’ve never subscribed to a “parenting style”. The ONLY book I ever used as a parenting reference was my cousin’s beat-up copy of Dr. Spock’s Baby & Childcare. And that was leafed through by me whenever they were broken and I couldn’t fix them (you know for fevers, crying jags, mysterious rashes and that time Ashley fell off the bed when she was only a month old and we FREAKED THE HELL OUT and when Dr. Spock didn’t have a chapter called What To Expect When You’re A Dumbass, we called the Children’s Hospital parent’s line and learned that she wasn’t in fact broken, she was just crying like a caged hyena because she was extremely pissed off that we’d let her fall of the damned bed, you stupid teen parents you!). So, no books, no style…I just raised them…MY WAY (wait OUR WAY. Richard is an awesome dad. We are Team Bach. Our way). Anyways, it pisses me off to no end to have my decisions judged by other parents (mostly mothers). Some people have really strong opinions about how all children should be raised. Must breast feed. Must not use formula. Must co-sleep. Must not use cry-it-out for sleep training. Must use cloth diapers. Excetera, excetera, blah, blah, blah. It’s fricking ridiculous. What I was trying to show with that cartoon in the last post is that, in 10 or 15 years is it really going to matter that you breastfed your baby or formula fed your baby or served them red wine at every meal? No, of course it’s not. The breastfed kids aren’t going to be smarter than the formula fed kids and the formula fed kids aren’t going to run circles around the boobjuice kids in sports. There are still going to be cliques in high school, but they aren’t going to be labelled The Jocks and The Emos and The Goths and The Nerds and The Formula Fed Freaks. So that is what I was trying to say. Also your choices are your choices and mine are mine. And DON’T JUDGE ! The end.

…so, how was your week?


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  1. Meh, kind of up and down. It’s ending well, though, with a massive ice storm. Hey, it took me two hours to drive home and pick up the kids! What fun!

    Sorry to hear about your job.


  2. Sweetie, if I had a nickel for everytime someone asked me, “Are THESE AWL YOURRRS?” I’d be a freakin’ millionaire. Thank god I didn’t or I would have lost it all through the divorce anyway. I’ve spent the last three years of my life (as a single mom) feeling like the masses are standing by watching, hoping I’ll fail. Just so they can all say, “Yup, see what happens when you quit going to church?” or how about “Oh, those poor kids.” If anyone else’s kids fuck up, it won’t because of their hard-ass perfect parenting skills that smothered their kid. Whatever. I’m sure the “perfect moms” would be writing “not-so-perfect blogs” if they were living in glass houses.

    I think you’re hilarious. So who cares what the other bitches think? You rock! (well, maybe when you’re not high on Tide, but the rest of the time, ya’ know?)


  3. P.S. And I don’t need free gifts to comment. So there!


  4. Posted by Viewsfromtwo on March 16, 2007 at 8:31 pm

    Sorry to hear about the job. If they didn’t enjoy your Dorito comment, they surely don’t deserve you!

    As someone who is planning to start a family within the next year, I’m already tired of all the rules about how you must raise your child a specific way for them to turn out right. My husband and I will never be a perfect book model on child rearing and I’m positive some people will judge us for that. I can only hope that we’ll muddle through with a sense of humor and love, and our child will turn out alright in the end. I just hope they don’t start making toddlers wear “breastfed” or “non-breastfed” signs, cause we might just be screwed.


  5. It wasn’t meant to be and when you get a new job, at the end of the summer, it will be much better than this one anyway…so it’s a good thing. I mean, c’mon, you’ve got some vacations planned!


  6. I just read your cartoon today and thought it was FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS! My kids were all fed on a combination of BF/Formula. They were BF for the first six months at least and then combined until a year or so because of daycare, etc. and I found pumping to be really difficult – like nothing came out. So…why stress myself out? My kids are all of reasonable intelligence – the eldest just got accepted into the Diploma International Baccalaureate program at her school, so I think she’s O.K. Your point, which I got, was it doesn’t matter – they’re still gonna be what they’re still gonna be, no matter how you raised them. I grew up in a household of six kids and we were all raised relatively the same….we’re all VASTLY different. Parents don’t have the control over this stuff that they’d like to think they do. I knew nothing about attachment parenting, co-sleeping and all that when I had my first child. She slept with me and I liked it. I couldn’t “wear” any of my babies for any length of time, much to the disappointment of Dr. Sears, because I have back problems. Oh no! Does that make me a bad parent? I let my kids cry it out from time to time – bad me! It goes on. Brow-beating other people’s parenting skills is a waste of time. It’s ALWAYS easier to raise other people’s kids, isn’t it? And talk about giving kids mixed messages…be different, but not TOO different. Be yourself, but only when all the other kids are just like you. Blah blah blah. Anyway, I loved your cartoon, but probably that’s because I have a teenager and am in the thick of all that with you. Rant over. Let the hangings begin.


  7. Leaping from lurk-dom to say:
    I laughed when I read the cartoon for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which was the fan-TAS-tic drawing involved!!
    I hate the breastfeeding/formula feeding wars! The thing that gets me are that a good precantage of the women waging that war were probably formula fed – at least, if they’re my age (31!) – because that’s what was done when I was a baby! And look at them, all smart and using a computer and not running into walls or anything! SHEESH!
    I want to get a t-shirt that says “I WUZ FURMULA FEEDED AND I ARE SMURT!” 🙂

    Oh and P.S. – Leaping from Lurk-dom – I think I’m going to take that on as my Superhero name!


  8. Just found your blog today. I can’t agree more with the judgemental mommy crap. It’s insane. I’m guilty of having some of those thoughts before I produced my own children…. but as soon as I was knee deep in diapers I realized how insane it all is. Whatever I do to survive is good enough dammit. Mommies really need to lay off each other.

    PS – I want that shirt too!!!


  9. hahaha love the cartoons!
    I am 32 an wuz beastfeed an thinked I ham obpviouszly smarrrter thaenn all ta restt of yoou wooo wer bottlod fad!


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