Because sometimes I can’t leave well enough alone…

Reader, Lisa, commented on my last post:

The thing that gets me are that a good precantage of the women waging that war were probably formula fed – at least, if they’re my age (31!) – because that’s what was done when I was a baby! And look at them, all smart and using a computer and not running into walls or anything!

Which I thought was an excellent point. Look at us all. We are amazing women! We parent, we work, we keep homes, we write, WE’RE SMART! We can do anything and everything, yet some of us can’t just agree to make choices for our children and ONLY our children and leave others to do as they see fit. Oh and Lisa said she would like to own this shirt, so I thought I’d make a mock-up for her review:tee shirt

You know you want to own one of these babies! That’s a high quality poly/cotton blend right there. And I chose the yellow and black hues as they are complimentary to most skin tones and don’t make people look jaundiced at all!

Yes, I am thinking of a career change to Graphic Design. Why do you ask?


6 responses to this post.

  1. I am sitting here, laughing my head off and feeling a little embarassed because apparently I’m so “smurt” that I can’t spell “percentage”! (I really should review my comments before I submit, huh?)
    Love the shirt! Especially the roomy shoulders and color scheme! You’ve missed your calling, I think that graphic design is DEFINITELY your forte!


  2. That’s okay Lisa, I just re-read my post and realized that I put “choose” instead of “chose” in that second last paragraph. I must have been so enamoured with my mad paint skillz that I didn’t realize how SMURT my post looked!

    My Mom edu-macated me with the talky speak really gooder when I was a children!


  3. You am a sooper jeenyus! 😀


  4. Now I really regret breastfeeding my kids… if only I had formula fed them they may have turned out much smurter 😉


  5. No! Never regret your choices! You made the best choice for YOUR family Inas and that is what I’m trying to say here.

    (and I know you winked, but some people might miss that and anyways, I wanted to preach today. FEELIN breezy PREACHY!!)


  6. LMAO!

    I want one of those…
    I sucked a BFing and did not last long with either of my babies….


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