In which I send you all away

I’ve been spending a lot of my online time over at Maya’s Mom since I signed up late last week. If you’re in my Google address book you probably got an overly excited email from me telling you to go directly to that site and sign up, sign up, sign up now…the sky is falling! I apologize for my exuberance, but guys I was literally peppered with welcome notes and friendliness and sugar and kittens and rainbows and ponies from the minute I signed up. My first journal post garnered 9 comments in as many minutes. Nine! I very nearly kissed the monitor. So, if you haven’t done so yet, get ye on over to Maya’s Mom and sign-up. Then add me as your friend. Also, if you’re from the same great country as me, register yourself in the Canadian Connection Group. You’ll be glad you did, eh.

I’ve added a lot of new blogs to my feed reader on Google in the last month or so. The next time an interviewer asks me to describe my dream job, I’ll be keeping the line about the Doritos but adding that I’d like to enjoy them whilst reading blogs for a living. Anybody got that kind of position available right now? Anybody seen one? Anybody, anybody? Bueller, Bueller? Anyways, I’ve found quite a few of these new brilliant bloggers by reading Plain Jane Mom’s Go Read It Today entries. This gal reads a LOT of blogs everyday and picks out the best entries for others to peruse. Somebody should definately pay Jane a lot of money (and also a bag of Doritos) for reading blogs.

Two funny, funny ladies I’ve just picked up on are Erica AP and Here In Idaho. They are so funny, in fact, that I’m planning on kidnapping both Erica and Kristi and putting them in my pocket. I will let them out only to help me write incredibly humourous posts that will make you all split a gut like I do when I read their blogs. Also, we will all three be best friends forever and wear matching sweaters and play hop scotch at recess. Then we will braid each others hair.

Another site I signed up for last week is My Blog Log. See all those pretty little faces near the bottom of my sidebar under the heading RECENT READERS? Yeah, those beauties. They’re all here courtesy of My Blog Log and I’ve noticed a rise in my traffic stats since signing up, so if you want to attract new readers AND if you want to attract new attractive readers, My Blog Log seems to be a good option. Oh my God! I see from looking at that box full of pretty people that Kristi was just here! Kristiiiiiiii! Wanna play hop scotch?

Another thing I did this week was a little bit of work at my actual job. And thusly my boss is eternally grateful and has decided to pay me on Friday as usual.

…anybody need a good Blog Reader? Will work for Doritos!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Agreed, that would be the most awesome job EVER! And thanks for the links 😉


  2. Yeah, that would be a pretty great job, you’re right!


  3. Ha ha. I was just thinking about being a professional blog reader today as I am now totally addicted to both Maya’s Mom and the silly Google Reader. In my fantasy I am eating chips and dill pickle dip and ridiculous amounts of chocolate, but I suppose I could be forced to include some doritos…



  4. Haha… Hey, did you know I can French Braid? So maybe after we chase the boys around at recess, we can climb the monkey bars and then I’ll French Braid your hair and I’ll split a stick of Juicy Fruit Gum with you… Maybe. 🙂


  5. You. Are. Awesome. My best friends qualifications are as follows:

    I can braid
    I can hand clap…Down down baby etc.
    I can teach you how to do a cartwheel
    I’ll make you cool notes and fold them into triangles
    Said notes will have your name all decorated

    I heart you.


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