On an evening such as this…

One day you’ll feel really bitter about all that you have to accomplish in one evening.  Your daughter will say she needs a Viking hat for Viking day on Monday.  Can you please go out and buy her a Viking hat?  You will laugh at the dinner table.  The rest of your family will laugh at the dinner table.  You will tell your daughter to break out the tin foil baby, because she’s gonna need to start constructing her own horned hat.  Are we anywhere near Halloween right now?  Is the store going to be magically stocked with Viking hats?  Later that night, as you browse through the dollar store, you will peruse the aisle full of firefighter hats and English Bobby hats and cowboy hats and lo and behold there it will be.  A Viking hat.  For three dollars.  You will buy it and feel much joy.

On the same trip you’ll purchase hair dye and temporary tatoos for tomorrow’s Dress Like A Rock Star day.  You paint your son’s nails black and cover his arms, legs and neck in tatoos.  You put together a guitar using a wrapping paper roll and a shoebox wrapped with string.  Afterwards you lay down some newspaper in the shed and spray paint the whole thing red.  You spend an hour dying your son’s hair with temporary colour and even though it comes out a dull orange colour and not the bright red that the box advertises, he still thinks he looks rockin cool.  You send him to bed with a goofy smile on his face and the promise of eyeliner and superglue spikes in the morning.

…and for a little while, you feel like Mom of the Year.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am amazed that you really did find a viking hat. Wow.

    Rock Star Day sounds like so much fun! I really hope you take pictures of them all dressed up.


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