A Perfect Post

I think I read parenting blogs because with almost every post I read, I can relate to the blogger in some way. My kids did that too. I also struggled with that issue. I remember my baby being like that. Sure, my kids are much older than the children of most of the good bloggers that I read (I have 72 blogs in my reader and they are all such talented writers), but I love reading their stories because it helps me remember what it was like when they were babies and toddlers and pre-schoolers. They didn’t have “blogs” in 1991 when I first became a parent. I didn’t get online until the mid-nineties and I didn’t have the opportunity to record all of the special moments in my children’s lives. Yes I had baby books for all of them (Ashley’s is completely filled out, Andie’s has a couple of entries and, sadly, Adam’s is still in the original packaging. This is what happens when you have so many kids), but there’s only so much you can put into them. Their first word, a lock of hair from their first haircut, a picture or two. New parents of today have the opportunity to record every minute detail of their baby’s lives on their blogs, including digital pictures and videos. While it is true that feeding schedules and diaper changes are extremely boring reading material, good bloggers manage to take the daily dealings of raising children and make it entertaining. The excellent writers in my blog reader regularly bring me to tears or make me snort coffee out of my nose and some of their words literally suck the wind out of my lungs, as I gasp at the beauty of what I’m reading.

One such post was The Best One, written by Dutch of Sweet Juniper. I originally found Sweet Juniper by following a link from another favourite blog. I was bored one day and thought I would try and find someone new to read. Lucky for me, I landed on Dutch and Wood’s site, named after their sweet two-year-old daughter, Juniper. From the first post I was hooked and in the year or so that I’ve been reading, I’ve managed to go back a ways in the archives and read most of their story. I don’t think I’ve ever clicked away from Sweet Juniper without marvelling at the way Dutch and Wood bring their story to the screen. They are both incredible writers.

The Best One gets my vote for the Perfect Post for March 2007.

I realize now this is just part of what it means to fall in love. Negatives slip away like dead skin. You don’t even notice they’re gone. You are left with the overwhelming evidence that you’ve got the best one. Logic dictates that not every husband, or wife, or child can be the best one. Yet in the face of that terrible logic, belief persists.

…you can view all of the Perfect Posts for March at Suburban Turmoil and Petroville.


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