On Growing Up

Tomorrow, we sign the papers at the lawyer’s office to become first time homeowners. We have been married for almost 16 years and our oldest child is 15. Although we have been planting roots on this property for the past seven years, we finally get to declare it OURS. We have a small slice of the real estate pie.

Next week, we will make the final payment on Richard’s student loan and be free of that burden once and for all. Richard went to college shortly after Andie’s birth, at the age of 25. He was sick of working dead-end, minimum wage jobs and wanted a better future for our family. His schooling led to a job offer in Vancouver, which led to a major move here. Nine years later he still has the same job, but now he’s management.

Next month, we will be taking our family on our first “real” vacation. Real meaning a vacation that involves a plane-ride and a hotel. Real meaning a vacation that doesn’t involve staying at a relative’s home or bunking in a tent. We are still in the planning stages and haven’t decided on whether we’re going to Disneyland or whether we’ll go all out and fly all the way to Orlando and Disneyworld (any advice or first hand experience would be appreciated).

Richard turned 35 on Saturday and I’m next to celebrate three and a half decades at the end of the month. I’m feeling really good about how things are coming together for us and I have a question. Is this what it feels like to become a Grown-Up?

…I guess I thought it would come with more benefits or upgrades. You know, full dental coverage or use of the company jet or at least a coupon for ten percent off.


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  1. CONGRATS on the house being YOURS! That’s awesome!

    And…HUGE congrats on paying off Richard’s student loan. That’s such a weight off of your chest; I remember how elated I was when I paid mine off.

    I’d have to say that yes, this is what it feels to be a grown up. 🙂


  2. BIG CONGRATS on becoming Land Barons! Welcome to the world of the mortgage. Sigh. No one to complain about the plumbing anymore. Well, there will be people listening, but they’ll be, like, “fix it”.


  3. Oops. I meant “complain to”.


  4. So envious of your trip to Disney-whatever. I can’t wait until Keira turns five – we are SO there.

    I went to Disneyland twice as a kid a LONG LONG LONG time ago and DisneyWorld when I was 21 a LONG LONG time ago. Disneyworld is cool because everything, all the little parks, are all located in the same place. And there are more of them. But man, it’s a long flight. It’s also hotter and more humid (which will probably be welcome after all this freaking rain). It’s probably also more expensive because there is so much more to do and see (Epcott, Typhoon Lagoon, Universal Studios, etc.).

    But I’m sure both parks have changed since I went so MANY MANY years ago and I’m sure no matter where you pick, you guys will have a blast.

    Congrats on homeownership!


  5. Wow – that is grown up to own a house… I’m scared of permanency but some day after I have traveled the world I will settle down at my favorite place. 🙂


  6. Congrats, that is so wonderful for you! I’m glad to hear that financial stability is on the way.


  7. wow!
    yeah when we were agonizing over cat vet bills, my dh said to me ‘is this what it means to be a grownup?’

    That is awesome…we want to do disney too..but the thought of my monsters on a plane..



  8. yahhoooo on the home owners! definitely a sign that you are mature responsible tax paying adults…..what oh crap that is depressing! sorry!!

    have a great holiday….like I am totally jealous (said in a gum smacking valley girl voice while twirling my hair)


  9. Congrats! Now get ready for the fun part when you make that first giant payment. It leaves a fantastic knot in your stomach the first few times. After awhile though you get used to it and don’t even count that giant chunk as part of your monthly income since you’ll never see it again anyway. LOL


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