Strong Mom/Weak Mom

Strength: I do a mean load of laundry.

Weakness: The part where it takes me a week to get it folded and put away. At which time there are 38 more loads waiting (im)patiently by the machines.

Strength: Hugs, cuddles, loves and kisses.

Weakness: I ask that you to bring a Cadbury’s Creme Egg with you as payment when you require affection.

Strength: My kids think I’m funny when: I do my version of the Dance of the Dying Swan in the kitchen (with 9 separate and equally traumatic death scenes), I put on puppet shows at bedtime with their stuffed animals (like the monkey who is called Filmore Slotsky, zee Russian Monkey, but one part French! He has zee accent), I make fart noises and pretend that my butt is doing the talking.

Weakness: The same children vote not funny for: Those times when they say to me “you know what’s funny?” and I scream out “CLOWNS!”, those times when they say “I saw something hilarious today” and I say “was it CLOWNS!”
, they say “you know what I really want?” and I answer “MONEY! CANDY! NO, CLOWNS!”

Strength: grammar

Weakness: correcting EVERYONE for their mis-use of grammar. It’s not real-a-tor, it’s real-tor! It’s not mah-nayse, it’s mayo-naisse. What are you, from Georgia!

Strength: editing and assisting with English homework.

Weakness: helping with Math homework. What is this fraction do-ma-hickey you speak of and when do you really think you’re gonna need all this adding and subtracting crap when you get out into the real world? I work in accounting and you don’t see me needing math do you? Hello, they have these calculator contraptions now!

Strength: Participating in the Carnival of the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas who asked “What are your strengths and/or weaknesses as a mother?”

Weakness: Working a day job, which really cuts into my blogging/writing time. My calculator contraption needs some extra one on one time.


11 responses to this post.

  1. Loved it! And sadly, we share every single strength/weakness (well, except for the whole puppet show/clown thing – that would just be creepy if we had that in common). LMAO when I read about the Cadbury Creme Egg. Soon, I shall be blogging about an incident that happened yesterday where my dear delusional child thought that a hard-boiled egg was of the Cadbury variety. You have never seen a little person look so betrayed in all her life.


  2. Oh my gosh! I do the same thing with laundry! It’s so good to know I’m not the only one.

    Love Cadbury Creme Eggs, too. 🙂


  3. TOTALLY with you on the laundry and the math. I HATE folding laundry and have been known to put things like underwear and socks on hangers just so I don’t have to fold. Math? WHY do we need it? I use a debit card, I don’t need to count change! :p


  4. There are certain aspects of laundry i love. I like washing and drying and folding, but not sorting socks.
    I love those cream eggs too. LOL

    Came from the CHBM carnival. 🙂


  5. Grammar people suck at math. I’ve got one side the brain all pumped up and clicking along on all cylinders (the verbal side) and then the other side is sadly shriveled and neglected (the mathematical side). The SAT people actually investigated my scores back in the day due to the dramatic discrepancy. Good news though colleges do accept idiot savants, or at least they used to. I use one of those calculator things you mention to check my son’s homework. He’s in second grade.


  6. Great list – my son is just over a year and I am already dreading the thought of math homework.

    It is a crying shame that the season of the Cadbury Creme Egg is so fleeting. Nothing (faux yolk) golden can stay.

    Came from the Carnival too.


  7. Oh I hate laundry. I’d rather cut my eyelids off with rusty cuticle scissors. LOL but it still manages to get done (and I still have eyelids btw).


  8. Oh! Oh! Can I play the grammar game? It’s not “fragg-rance”, it’s “fray-grance”! It’s not “gram cracker”, it’s “gray-yam cracker”! And my favourite is when my twin and I had an argument with a MAN over “menstrual” – he kept insisting that it was “men-stral’ and we kept insisting (since we actually DO it) that it was “men-stroo-al”. We won, of course. To this day I have no idea how that conversation came about, but it sure was funny!


  9. P.S. I secretly love doing kaundry…but hate folding it, too!


  10. Based on this list, we could have very well been separated at birth.


  11. I truly enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for posting it at Maya’s Mom. I will be back!


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