Further proof I should change my career to “Graphic Artist”

A picture of me at work:

Evidently, I have no legs. And really messy hair.

This is me at my desk if you’re standing behind my chair. Notice my hand on the mouse and the fact that my inbox is stacked to the roof! Good thing I have a day off tomorrow and I can spend the next three days pretending that stack isn’t there.

Please also take note of the MOUSE underneath my desk. A depiction of the actual mouse that is roaming our office right now, attempting to kill us all with the Hanta Virus.

When I die from the Hanta Virus, would you like to inherit my blog? It’s a really old blog (circa 2005) and gets tens of thousands ones of hits per day! You could even renovate it and sell it for a profit. You could call it “Flip This Blog” and someone would maybe give you $5.00 for it. Especially if you threw in that five dollar bill I found in the wash the other day and this fancy button:
(Don’t you just HATE those stupid sites that rate your blog by the amount of hits it gets and then give you an A-List or B-List or C-List Blogger button?)

(I mean, I guess if you’re Dooce you don’t hate them)

(But I really hate them. They wouldn’t even let me into the first 13 letters of the alphabet. I’m not even big enough to be an M-List Blogger!)

(And they had no button to rate my tinyness, so I made my own)

(So, who wants to inherit by Z-list blog? I’ll will it to you.)

(…and I’ll throw in the five bucks from the washing machine)


12 responses to this post.

  1. I think I prefer the “you are a slimy snail” method of blog-rating, personally! Hey look, mom, I’m an amoeba!


  2. I just stumbled across your blog …… well, I guess I don’t really know how I got here. But now that I’ve found you I’m adding you to my list of regular reads. And blog ratings just depress me.


  3. See, I think that the ONLY thing that would make the picture of you at work better would be if, instead of “BLOGZ” on the computer screen, it was you, creating fan-tan-tastic graphic art!
    Oh, and are there negative list ratings for blogs? Because I think I have something like…ummm…three people who actually read either of my blogs, not counting myself. So I’d have a “-J List” button on mine!


  4. Posted by CanadianCarrie on April 12, 2007 at 10:16 pm

    I found you by reading comments on Jenn’s Breedmandweep blog. You are hilarious, maybe it’s late, but I am laughing my a$$ off! I live in Lethbridge Alberta. I have never lived outside of Alberta, but I feel we are living in the best place in the world! I too am a grammar freak! My poor husband who obviously never paid attention in English 10 -20- or 30(if he took them, I don’t even know) gets the brunt of my correcting. And spelling!! My supervisor at work ALWAYS spells oops, as opps, wtf dude… SOUND IT OUT!! I hate math too, go figure, I’m a cashier and do alot of accounting for my husbands business. Thank Goodness for calculators and Quickbooks is all I have to say! A girl at work called a calculator an adding machine. I died laughing, she is older though, so she was forgiven!!
    Man, I need more friends, sorry for the novel in your comments. But I’m sure I’ll be back!


  5. Oh My God – I just snorted with laughter. That picture. The commentary.


    Yeah those A-list things are stupid. Remind me to throw mine in the garbage. I put it there as a joke, but it has to go. It’s fugly.


  6. LMAO!!!!


  7. Maybe we need a “BRIBERY WORKS GREAT FOR VOTES’ kind of rating thing.

    where are those paypal buttons!


  8. Your graphic skills are tremendous! A++++


  9. I’m so new to blogging that I didn’t know about the alphabetical blog ratings. So I’m learning that blogging is just like high school. Those who win the ‘Most Popular’ awards get the distinction tattooed on their upper thigh and the rest of us must be content with ‘Most Likely to be a Flight Attendant.’ We quietly accept this accolade and omit the designation from our blogs.
    And just when we’re really feeling like blogging failures we read about someone else’s book deal and feel the need to suck on an exhaust pipe.
    It’s exhausting.


  10. Nice blog!


  11. Wow – your graphic art skills are crazy!!! You should be working for Coke-Cola or something… You could defiantly bring them in the big bucks… 🙂


  12. The Z-List blogger button rules all! We should start a Z-List blogger society. We would be so much cooler than the A-List. Reach for the bottom, my friend.


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