Truly, I have the best husband alive

My email to Richard this morning:

It’s the big Army and Navy shoe sale today (and here I didn’t even book the day off), where they have designer shoes for cheap, cheap. Can I take Ashley tonight to see if we can score a deal? They restock the shelves at lunch and dinner. Can we go? Can we? Can we? (not you I mean…don’t think YOU want to fight those crowds)

What’s Ashley’s email address? Can I text her by email? She needs to hear this news NOW!


His response:

Yes go, I would not go within 5 clicks even if they sold sony

And then I responded with:

Maybe I will not be going because I’m probably getting fired or leaving in a huff in about ten minutes.

I fucked up a government payment and there’s going to be a penalty. Boss is gonna scream and rant. I’m gonna cry and cower.

I am truly screwed…gotta go confess now.


Best part. Response from him:

Then you’ll make the noon re stocking

I so, so love that man.

(and yes, the boss was livid and I apologized up and down and we’re still in the process of trying to fix things…GAH!)


7 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, Yes.. But did you MAKE IT TO THE SHOE SALE ??


  2. Posted by MIL on April 18, 2007 at 4:24 pm

    Wow! Even I can’t believe what a good job I did! He is truly amazing! and ditto the above….did you?


  3. What an optimist your husband is.


  4. LOL husbands can be so cute!


  5. I LOVE his comment and find it no wonder that you love such a guy!


  6. He’s a keeper. Sorry about the work f-up. Hope you found some good shoes to take your mind off your work woes!


  7. Yes, shoes are good therapy for all work woes. Hope you’re first in line for that re-stocking.


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