Tomorrow I will be the oldest I’ve ever been. Well, I guess today I’m also the oldest I’ve ever been, except nobody gets you a cake when you’re 34 years and 364 days old. My drivers license also expires tomorrow, so tonight I have to go home and actually brush my hair in order to look respectable in that horrible, tiny little picture embedded on a piece of plastic for the next five years. Also, I will have to tell the people at Motor Vehicles my weight. Kill me now.

Just how believable is 105 pounds for a girl like me? I mean if they just weigh my head could I possibly get away with it?

The month of April has felt like one giant birthday celebration. I’ve received so many packages and, along with the Disneyworld trip we’re taking in less than two weeks, I’m feeling pretty damned spoiled (not to mention that we’ll be in The Magic Kingdom for Mothers Day, so I’m sure to be doted on by Mickey himself that Sunday). Sure, one of the packages was paid for and sent by moi, but I think I deserved it. I’m 35 and I haven’t been put in jail one single time. I figured I was entitled to celebrate that milestone with skincare products!

Want to hear about some of my loot? Of course you do! Hey, you with your mouse pointed at the X…sit your ass back down bucko and pay attention!

Package #1

My MIL and FIL were in town for Easter, so they decided to give me an early BD present. Good thing they were there to see the reaction, because I could hardly believe what I was opening. You know what they gave me?


Coach ! Bag !


Yeah, I could hardly believe it. I named it (Coachy McCoacherson) and when I take it out I have to fight the urge to take the protective dust bag with me, so when I have put it down it’s fully protected from dirt particles, sunlight, flourescent lighting, air and random lasers. On the days that I don’t use it, I go home at night and take it out of the protective bag and then…I pet it. I don’t have a picture Coachy, but then they wouldn’t let you walk into the Louvre and snap a photo of the Mona Lisa either would they?

Package #2

A couple of months ago I signed up for a candy exchange on Notes From The Cookie Jar. Scattered Mom set me up with Adria from A Mile In My Birks and I sent my package of sweet treats off to the Great United States of America. I’m not sure if she got my package yet (Adria! You need an email link…I have left comments, did you get it yet?), but I sure got mine!

First of all, it came in the most beautiful envelope:

The Pretty Package

And check out the goods!


Yeah, we pretty much shoveled it all into our mouths the first night. And that there Take 5 bar? De. Lish! I didn’t even know it was legal to cover a pretzel in caramel and peanut butter and chocolate and sell it to the general public. Watch out Florida, because when I get there you’re going to experience an all-out shortage of Take 5 bars. I will consume them all!

This was the only treat we had never even heard of:
Sugar Daddy Regardless, it was also delicious. Thanks for the package Adria!

Package #3


Squee !

After reading every single post on the Wednesday Advice Smackdown for the last hundred years (or at least the whole year it’s been in existence), I finally caved to the greatness that is Sephora. I done went and bought me some beauty products on the ‘puter!

Thanks to The High Preistess of All That is Hair and Face Goop (AKA Amalah), who is forever touting the magical effects of Philosophy skincare products, I decided to take her advice and get me a skincare routine (now that I’m 35 I thought it was time to finally recognize the lines on my face for what they really are. Wrinkles! Also known as “One Step Closer To Death”).  I have used it night and day since I got the package on Monday and I won’t hesitate to tell you that I’ve been mistaken for Cindy Crawford no less than 20 times (every time I walk past the mirror and catch a glimpse of my new glowing skin).

Seriously though, I tried the Microderma-delivery peel the day I got it and they must put something magic in there. Unicorn blood? Pixie dust? My face hasn’t been that soft since I was born.

After I unpacked the box, I set it all up like a product shot:

Da Goods

Those black and white boxes in the background were free with the order. Free really cool boxes! That you can store your stuff in! Like more Sephora purchases!

Also, the minute I opened the Sephora box I swear I lost five pounds.

…I only have to open it thirty more times before I go to Motor Vehicles tonight.


11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Viewsfromtwo on April 26, 2007 at 9:08 pm

    Happy Birthday! May you have a wonderful year of glowing skin and Take 5 bars (stashed away of course in your loverly Coach bag!) 🙂


  2. I’m so glad it arrived safely! I did get your package, and promptly photographed it. I just haven’t taken the next step of thanking you and blogging about it, but I’ll get there. My kids were in HEAVEN. I had to share with them, or my Weight Watchers leader would probably have killed me. It was fabulous & I have some new favorite candies myself.

    Happy Birthday! And you really must photograph the Coach bag. If I could pick 2 of my favorite stores, they would be Coach and Sephora. How eerie is that?


  3. I love Sephora so much… I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. Happy Birthday!!


  4. I’m not a materialistic person, but I’m decidedly jealous of your awesome gifts.


  5. Happy Birthday! I was going to say, have a wonderful day, but it sounds like you already have!

    Hobo? Tote? If you’re not going to post a picture of the thing, at least give some details!


  6. Happy Birthday! I am so going to have to get in on this candy exchange I keep hearing about.


  7. Happy birthday and look at that loot!!

    OMG and the purse… did you know I have a total purse fetish!???


  8. Happy Birthday!

    photo of the coach bag?


  9. Lucky girl-you got a Coach purse. BTW how do you like you Sephora products; I’ve never used them so I’m wondering if it’s good.


  10. I need to have another birthday…


  11. Oh MAN – you’ve never heard of a Sugar Daddy? I ate those all the time when I kid, before I knew what the term REALLY meant. Just discovered a store here on Main St. that sells them, too! Karmic!


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