Two more sleeps!

castle Two more sleeps until we leave for Disney World! Did you know I am stoked about this vacation? No wait, I am all caps STOKED and some exclamation points !!!

We finalized our plans about three weeks ago and settled on Disney World instead of Disneyland. We have never taken the kids on a big trip like this, so we thought we’d blow the whole wad on Orlando. If you can believe it, flights and hotels were the same price for both destinations and it was only park tickets that were a bit higher in the World, but that’s because there are more parks to explore. We also decided that, because we live on the West Coast, we could probably drive down to Disneyland any old time, but we probably won’t get the opportunity for a big trip like this again with our little family intact (Ashley is 16 this year. She’ll be too busy with “real life” in another five years).

On Wednesday we’re getting up at the asscrack of dawn and driving down to Seattle to catch our flight out at 2:00 pm. We arrive in Orlando at midnight, where we’ll rent a car and drive to our hotel. Good news, we’ll be experiencing our first American toll booth that night too! Oh the things we have to look forward to! (they totally collect that money for UNICEF right? Or is it to prevent Global Warming?)

Coincidentally, we booked our holiday at the same time they’re having a trade show in Tampa Bay for Richard’s line of work. When his bosses got wind of this, they asked him to attend the trade show this Thursday. He couldn’t really say no when they offered to pay for his flight and hotel and also rent us a car for the entire week. He’s going to drive to Tampa on Thursday and the kids and I are going to acclimate ourselves to Orlando by relaxing by the hotel pool and possibly taking a bus in search of outlet stores and also Sephora. Is it safe to take a bus in Orlando while wearing several cameras strapped around your neck and a t-shirt imprinted with a giant maple leaf? Should I maybe hire a taxi instead? Possibly an armed guard? Must protect all the lipgloss I’ll be purchasing.

We are completly packed, except for our toothbrushes and there’s just a few stress items I need to take care of before we go:

1)  Ashley has to make a mock-up of a cell for her science class by tomorrow morning. The cell must be edible. She is going to make a bowl of jello and I’ll be helping her get foodstuffs together to represent the different “things” in the cell. Did you know that cells had “things” in them? Did you know that we humans are made up of cells? Were you aware that everything in the world is made up of cells and that all of these cells have “things” in them? Do you think I should have paid more attention in high school?

2)  Andie woke up this morning with PINK EYE. She has had a cold all week, which we’ve been worried she wouldn’t be rid of by the time she had to fly and now PINK EYE. (hey, I just had a fleeting thought that pink eye disease is probably made up of cells! With “things” in them! Nasty, nasty things). She’s been to the doctor this morning and has antibiotics and drops, but if her eyes are still pink on Wednesday we’ll be encouraging her not to look directly at the airline staff whilst going through security. Maybe we will drug her heavily and carry her through security on our backs, claiming that she suffers from Narcolepsy. I am nothing if not a good mother.

3)  I’m struggling to catch up on everything at work. Mostly because I want my replacement to have an easy time of doing my job and a little bit because I don’t want her to have anything to complain about when I get back. (“you eeediot, we do not file the M’s under the J’s! And cells have “things” in them…don’t you know anything!”). A thirteen day vacation cannot arrive soon enough.

We are taking our laptop with us, so hopefully I will update once or twice from the deep south (or the deepest south I’ve ever been anyways). I hear they done went and got teh internet in Florida now!


8 responses to this post.

  1. I am soo freaking jealous…..IF we ever get our passports we are hoping that if family members don’t die that we may get a trip..but I am still planning on blogher.


  2. Have a great time in DisneyWorld! My #1 Disney tip is to be at the entrance to whatever park you’re spending the day at at least a half hour before the official opening time. Lots of times they open a little early and sometimes you can even get in a ride or two before the park even opens.


  3. I’m jealous-I haven’t been to Disney World since I was a kid. OMG y’all are going to have sooo much fun.


  4. Posted by Jmanfre on May 8, 2007 at 8:42 am

    I live in Tampa and worked at Disney a couple of summers in college. The weather is fabulous right now. Have a great time.


  5. i just got back from disneyworld 2 weeks ago – we go every year. I wish I would’ve found your blog sooner! If you need any advice while you are down there, let me know! AND HAVE fun!!!


  6. Hope you’re having fun!


  7. Posted by Kim DesLauriers on May 16, 2007 at 12:11 pm

    Hey you!!! Happy belated birthday!! I don’t check this email address very often to check my messages and I was informed that it was your birthday last month………oooops!
    Any how, I’m assuming you’re still on the trip??? Email me when you get back, we should REALLY get together this time and you can give me hints about having a good time in Disney World as I want to go there maybe next year!!! P.S. I have a hoot reading all your stuff on this website… are priceless…..
    See ya


  8. Posted by JEss on May 18, 2007 at 10:23 am

    I hope you have a wonderful time. We were to WDW last Oct and had the time of our lives. I can’t not even put into words what it was like . The look on my boy’s faces when they first entered the park was priceless. You are going to have so much fun.


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