Could ya’ll get me some more of that vacation thingy over here?

In the last six days I have:

1. Come home from the best vacation of my entire life (and I believe the rest of my family’s as well). I’ve just started uploading the photos to Flickr and the set is here. More about the greatness that is Florida and Disney World and the nicest people we’ve ever met later this week, as I become adjusted to real life again.

2. Painted, slept, painted, eaten the odd meal, painted. Oh yeah, and I also…painted. So far I’ve finished both Adam’s and my Dad’s new rooms. Two rooms down, 2400 square feet more to go. Would it really be that bad to live in a van down by the river?

3. Talked myself into returning to work after a 13 day absence. Sadly, I did not win the lottery last week nor did the building that I work in burn to the ground rendering me jobless, albeit living blissfully on unemployment assistance.

4. Tried to read through the billions of new posts that all of my 73 favourite bloggers wrote whilst I was away. I managed to stay off of the internet the whole time we were in Florida and for two days after we returned, so my reader is chock full. Someone gave birth to a beautiful little girl and I missed it. It’s okay though, because I’ll be back at work tomorrow. If any of you want to get pregnant or birth some babies or do anything else newsworthy, it is now safe to do so. I have lots of time to read about it.

…I’ve missed you. How have ya’ll been?

(I say “ya’ll” now, since I’m all worldly now that I’ve been to Georgia. For an hour. In the Atlanta airport. While the plane let off all of these people who don’t throw away their “garbage”. They dispose of their “TRASH” ya’ll. Me and Ashley spent the hour lost in those beautiful southern accents. Also we said “trash” a lot)


5 responses to this post.

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! How FUNNY! I’m from Oklahoma and, well…ummm…we take out the trash here as well! AND it can be used to describe a person, too! As in, “She’s just a piece of trailer trash!” But of course, it’s actually said “tra-yush”

    When teaching my daughter to read, I really realized how thick our “accents” are as she was sounding out the word “can”. She said “C-aaa-nnnn….cae-yun!” Silly little Okie!

    Oh, and I couldn’t count how many times I’ve begun an email with “Howdy, y’all!”

    Welcome to the south! At least in Georgia they sound sort of refined, though! Sometimes here in Oklahoma people just sound like they’re missing a few brain cells!
    Sorry to write a novel about accents in your comment section! Glad you’re back!


  2. Glad you enjoyed Disney World. Now I want to go.


  3. You didn’t miss it – I still have the baby! Crazy how that works.

    Welcome back and honored to be among the billions of posts you managed to squeeze in between coats of paint.


  4. Welcome home!


  5. Posted by MIL on May 22, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    And I loved how my MIL from Oklahoma always put her tra-yush in a sack. There were no bags way down there I guess! Love it. Sure glad you’re back too.


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