Back to life. Back to reality. Back to the here and now.

I must have found my legs again after a lengthy drawn out winter, as I went on a long walk tonight to pick up Andie from Guides. They meet two schools over from ours, so the walk was a decent trek and mostly uphill. I’m taking my camera next time though, so I can shoot some pics of all the things I need to be more appreciative of (and to remind myself, when I’m down and wanting to move back to Calgary, of just why that would be a stupid thing to do). Between the mountains and the trees and the smell of newly cut grass and spring blooms, I was in paradise.

Before I set out for my walk I did a little weeding in the rock garden. Correction, I half filled our green-waste receptacle with unwanted foliage. The weeds were so high they were blocking the actual plants and I became so ashamed of the two foot high stalks that when I would pull up to our house I would put my hood up and dart out of the van into the front door as quickly as possible to avoid the glares and silent ridicule I just knew my perfect neighbours were directing my way. Perfect Neighbours cut their grass on a regular basis, not just when Pluto is visible in the afternoon sky. And/or the sixth Tuesday of every month.

Heads up! Eleven is coming to live at our house for a whole year starting tomorrow. Please pray for us in our hour of need.


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