Eleven Images to Honour Eleven

It’s a little early to be putting on the “Bershon”, but I’m thinking she masters it beautifully, no? This look of disapproval was brought on by the fact that we made her take the ferry to the Magic Kingdom and not the monorail (because “you know I hate boats!”). That was right after we made her miss school for a week, made her get on a plane to Florida, and made her accept a six day ticket to the happiest place on Earth.

This Land Speeder better not be a ride!  You know I don't DO rides!
“Now then! This is my kind of ride…stationary and virtually terror-free!”

Canadian Juevenile Delinquents hit Florida
“Yo, yo! Me an my homeys gonna release sum Eleven on yo punk asses! Yo!”

andie beautiful
“Eleven? Moi?”

“Ah, to be seven again. When the whole world wasn’t out to get me.”

“Look at me like that again and I will END YOU!”

“See, I can smile! I can look happy! (are we still rolling? Could you turn that damned camera off! My cheeks are killing me!)”

Heely's!  But fake ones.
“Later, I will convince my brother to lay down on the sidewalk so I can do fancy jumps over his corpse body.”

“See! I can look cute and snuggly!”

“Still rockin the cute thing!”

Andie Inukshuk
“For my birthday, I made you all a present. Nothin says I love you like a pile of rocks. Wait. No. I’m keeping this gift for myself. We’re not celebrating your eleventh year here, suckers!”

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Andie. I’d happily spend a thousand years of Eleven, as long as I got to spend them with you!

Love Mom


5 responses to this post.

  1. happy birthday!!! Great way to celebrate a birthday!! Looks like you are having a blast!!! Happy 11th Birthday Andie!!


  2. So cute! Happy birthday, Andie!


  3. Aw, those are great. Happy belated birthday to my namesake (even though clearly she wasn’t named after me and it’s spelled differently)…


  4. Oh, I love the first picture. It’s great…as are they all!

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl. 🙂


  5. Happy Birthday Andie!


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