Names I would have used for my children, had I given birth to a dozen or so more:

1) Lady of the Light – thought I’d start with one of the more common monikers. I’d be afraid though of there being too many in each class, like “Jason” was when I was in elementary school. Then she’d have to answer to Lady of the Light B. And that would kind of suck.

2) Carmine – he would be tuff as nails and probably start his own mob empire when he was eleven. Also, he’d talk with a Brooklyn accent even though he was raised in Vancouver. “Aw youse tawkin ta me?”

3) Galaxy Ann – but I didn’t want to steal it from my best friend, who swore in Grade 5 that she’d have a daughter named this. Drats!

4) Kool Mo Dee – this is the best one. And this child would be my favourite.

5) Athens Georgia – which went along with the “A” theme we already have with our kids. Richard didn’t like it and was relieved when we had a boy last.

6) Angus – again with the accent, this time he would be Scottish. I would dress him in a kilt every day. (“A” Theme!)

7) Gertrude – the shawl knitter.

8 ) Plexiglass – strong, but he still might break if you kick a soccer ball at him real hard.

9) Lime – you can’t be the only one with a fruit name Miss Apple Martin. Her favourite colour would be black.

10) Aquamarine – sparkly!

11) You! – I would always get it right when I was yelling. Complete with built in punctuation.

12) Ben

Got any good names you wish you’d used for your kids? Thinking of squeezing out some more? Feel free to use these.


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  1. Names I would have used for my children, had I given birth to a dozen or so more

    Gertrude – the shawl knitter.

    Plexiglass – strong, but he still might break if you kick a soccer ball at him real hard.


  2. Yay! You’re back. And I’m killing myself laughing with these. My favorite is # 11 – I’ve often thought this would save me a lot of time.


  3. You need to go here:

    Find The Cream of the Crop – you’ll find a zillion more names that you like!


  4. Wait another!

    Baby’s named a bad bad thing! You’ll love it!


  5. For some reason I keep telling Adam we are changing his name to Nigel.

    he freaks at this.

    glad to see you back


  6. I would totally name my son Doctor!
    Or Sargeant!
    Or Captain!
    Or maybe just Mister!

    Hey, glad you’re back!


  7. How about “Hey” or “hey you?”


  8. Probably, I would call another baby MUM, just to watch the confusion and have someone else who has to answer to it all day.


  9. You forgot Boo Radley.


  10. How about “The Clap”.

    Thanks for the laugh.


  11. Posted by Lauren on August 1, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    When I was 7, I told my mom I wanted a child named “January Bluebell”

    Thankfully, I have no children so that name is still open if anyone wants it.


  12. Hey — found you through “Mom’s Daily Dose”. Loved this post. In my line of work I have occasion to sign off on birth certificates on a regular basis. People actually name their kids all kinds of weird stuff. My favorite was: “Aqua Nette”.

    Oh, and I actually have a kid named #12 — Ben. You threw that one in to throw us off cause you liked it, right? Right?


  13. My husband seriously wanted to name our boy Ajax. Like the warrior, he said.

    My most unpopular favorite is Abra with a long A as in the female form of Abraham as in one swell character in Steinbeck’s East of Eden whose last name was BACON and I thought I might as well just give her that middle name too. Abra Bacon. I got talked off that ledge but in my heart we love her, little Abra Bacon. Husband says it sounds like Ah-bra as in cadabra to which I say MAGIC IS GOOD.

    via Mom’s Daily Dose. Thanks for the chuckles.



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