Laundry Day

Two loads down…


Many, many more to go.


You can tell from that first picture that Ashley put in those first two loads. That’s her pile of clothes towering over the rest of ours.

Speaking of teenagers and the attachments they have to their clothing, I present a couple of items I’d be disowned for if I dared to throw them away:


This used to be a Vancouver Grizzlies shirt. Now it actually looks like a Grizzly had at it.


Spongebob Ripped Pants.

 And to answer your question, yes, she still wears them.  But only as pajamas.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Laundry Day

    Another exciting weekend in the life of a typical working mom.


  2. Yeah, I’ve got that pile too. Sigh. Unfortunately, the Potato’s laundry includes about sixty-seven unmatched socks. It’s remarkable, how many socks that boy has lost in his life.


  3. Piles of it over here, too! Never-ending in fact! And dontcha just LOVE the teenager sleeping attire? Mine has something almost exactly the same!


  4. Oh lord! Those sponge bob nastiness pants are freaking me out! haha My dad had a pair of zumba cowboys pants that he wore so much they basically evaporated.

    Loved your blog. Will be back.


  5. Laundry is actually the one household chore that I don’t mind so much. Maybe I’m just weird that way.

    Now for the falling apart clothes though, I have considered taking pictures of Hub’s shorts that have a giant hole down one side, or the sweats that have holes all through the butt. However, I don’t think he’d like that. I do have a sewing machine on loan, so I could fix them.

    But like you’re byline, I’ll do it. Tomorrow.


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