With a heavy hearted Cha-Ching

My Mom just called me from home and said that when she walked past the closet downstairs, her feet were squishing on the carpet. So she had a look in the closet. The closet that houses the boiler. Yeah.

I also noticed on the weekend that our dryer is making an annoying knocking sound when it spins the clothes. I thought it might be from the vibration of the ironing board leaned alongside of it, but no such luck, because when I moved the ironing board the knocking got louder. Richard said it sounded pretty normal to him and maybe it was just off balance, but he was probably just thinking with his wallet. As in, he didn’t want to think about 2000 dollars escaping from it so that I could dry all of our clothes in half the time with a brand-new-Kenmore-complete-with-matching-front-loading-washes-16-pairs-of-jeans-at-once-washing-machine. (Our dryer currently takes 2 hours per large load to get the clothes completely dry. TWO HOURS!)(And doesn’t a front loading washing machine sound devine? 16 pairs of jeans at once! That’s like, half of Ashley’s jeans in one load! And I could wash all of mine in 1/8th of the time!)

Also, the fence fell down this winter in one of the storms.

The deck could use some paint on the floor.

There are cement chunks falling out of the front steps.

Two years later and we have yet to scrape the wallpaper from the wall beside the stairs and paint over the half giraffe, half fish, half poodle, half horse. And paint the living room. And replace the flooring in the hall, kitchen and laundry room. And paint the kitchen. And redo the upstairs bathroom.

For a whole day and a half I’ve been doing really well on my diet plan (woo! A WHOLE day and a half! Gold star!). But I just went into the kitchen and made myself a poor man’s mocha – hazelnut coffee mixed with hot chocolate powder. Screw the points.

Being a homeowner is both expensive and fattening.


3 responses to this post.

  1. when we first bought this house, the realtor said that it was such a shame that people live in a house for years and only get everything fixed when they put the house up for sale instead of having enjoyed the perfect house whilst they were actually living there.

    I thought at the time that it was very profound and promised myself that I would not make the same mistake.

    Unfortunately, the list of ‘must be fixeds’ is too long to post.


  2. When it rains, it pours. Truly.

    I’m sorry for your house woes, but I gotta say, the first tag you put on this post had me snorting coffee up my nose.


  3. Yeah. I spent our entire vacation worrying that we were going to come home to find our upstairs bathtub on the first floor, on top of the computer. Why? Because we have been unable to find someone to repair our broken drain for about five months. The drain that causes the tub to fill up with water every day or so. Because it’s connected to the leaky faucet. There’s nothing quite like having your bathtub (literally) duct-taped together. We had a major leak problem, though that seems to have been temporarily fixed. It’s only a matter of time before the bathtub comes crashing through the floor/ceiling though.

    I just hope I’m not in it when it happens.


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