Three Things for Thursday

  1. I spent an inordinate amount of time this morning helping Adam look for the tuner remote, so he could play on the X-box and still have sound.  We only have thirteen-thousand remotes, but I guess none of the others would operate the tuner so we ripped the couch apart and searched bedrooms and bathrooms (you never know in my house!), upstairs and downstairs.  We finally found it tucked under the couch, 20 seconds before I was due to leave for work.  Damn, things were never this difficult when we were playing Pong in the eighties.  We just flipped the TV to channel three and turned the little black device on.  Poof!  Instant 3-pixel gaming.  Also, twelve miles of walking to school…uphill both ways.  Am old.
  2. Because I was so late leaving for work this morning, I didn’t get to make my bed.  I hate leaving the bed unmade.  Looks sloppy for the various strangers, friends, robbers/serial killers who will be coming into my home throughout the day (note to robbers/serial killers…we’re all out of the house between 10 & 12:30, please call then).  My bed is not made!  Am itchy.
  3. How does one tell a grandparent no?  Grandpa wants to buy this souped up little old truck his neighbour is selling for Ashley’s 16th birthday.  He’s kind of like one of those people who takes home every stray animal they see in that when he finds a great deal on something, especially a vehicle, he feels he has to buy it even if he doesn’t have a need for it.  He has to “save” the great deal.  He’ll look for a purpose for it later.  So he figures that Ashley’s birthday is coming up in October and great news!  He can save the truck!  She’ll be learning to drive, so why wouldn’t she love a set of wheels of her own?  Well, I’m sure she would love it, but we are dead set against him giving her a gift of this magnitude.  He has 3 other grandchildren to consider and I wonder if he can afford to be this generous for all of their sweet 16’s?  Also, we are trying to teach her that she needs to work and save for these big purchases so it kind of goes against our value system to gift her with something like this.  Not to say that WE wouldn’t like the truck.  We would actually like to buy it ourselves as it would see us through for a couple of months while we are shopping for a second family vehicle.  It’s a great price and Richard is practically drooling over the fact that it is all done up and has been babied by the previous owners.  It’s just a dilemna for us in trying to come up with a nice way to say no thanks for the present.  Am stumped.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Ooo….I hate leaving the bed unmade too! It makes me CRAZY! My mom always said that if the least you could do in your room was make the bed, it made the room look that much tidier and I have to agree. As soon as the bed is made, I become blind to the rest of the mess!


  2. I think we have the same grandpa …



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