You Decide

Am I PMS’ing or simply sinking deeper into mental illness?

I stopped at the drugstore after work to buy shampoo and ended up with two packages of “fun sized” chocolate bars in my basket.  To avoid snarky comments from Richard and also so I wouldn’t have to share with him, I put the chocolate bars in my black re-usable lunch bag and left the shampoo in the plastic bag with the 100 Calorie Pack Cheetos.  The Cheetos say, “see, I’m sticking to my diet plan!”  I snuck the chocolate into the house and the bag is currently hung in the….get this….the cleaning supplies closet.

Richard is leaving to do a couple hour’s worth of errands soon and I can hardly wait for him to get his ass out the door.  I want my chocolate!  Also, I’m a little afraid for his life if he sticks around me tonight.  I’m cranky and there are knives in the house.  Oy!

The kids are at MIL’s house for the week (thank you, thank you MIL!  You couldn’t have picked a better week) and I am tucking in to watch the second half of Season 3 of the Office.  Just me and mah chocolate.

Do you hide food?  Why?  Leave me a comment and I will eat a mini Mars or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in your honour.


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  1. I hide food (treats) ALL. THE TIME. Because it’s MINE! My husband will eat anything that he finds lying around. I have been known to hide things in the kitchen cupboards where he won’t look (like in the baking supplies), in my office amidst my yarn supply, and under the bed. Trying to find the way to eat it unmolested is another story. Sometimes, I just spend an extraordinary amount of time in the bathroom!

    That being said I have been detoxing from sugar and it’s been torture (along with that Scrabble game that wouldn’t end between you and me!). All I want to do is go and buy a shitload of hot tamales and gorge myself! Bah!


  2. A Mars bar for Heather! Mmmmmmmmmm…

    I’ve had to get creative in hiding the garbage also. I’m thinking of taking it to work and disposing of it there. I am sick.


  3. Hide food all the time, because otherwise my dear husband will EAT it! LOL

    I wouldn’t have made it that long. I probably would have at it in the car! Hahaha


  4. Ahhhhh, a peanut butter cup in honour of Sam. Breakfast of champions!

    I actually started on the Cheetos in the car.


  5. My dhi has much less of a sweet tooth than I do, so I don’t have to hide it from him. From the kids? Hell yes. In fact, I’ve got a Snickers bar in the freezer right now, hiding behind the ice trays. Mmmmm…frozen Snickers!


  6. Oooooh! I love my chocolate frozen. A frozen mars bar for landismom!


  7. Posted by CanadianCarrie on August 14, 2007 at 6:23 pm

    I buy the big bag of M&M peanuts and stash it in my side of our bedroom closet. I hide it mostly because my husband makes the snarky remarks, and my kids will never leave me alone if they see it. Sometimes if I’m feeling brave, I’ll put some in a popcorn bowl and leave it on the kitchen counter back by the wall and sneak one or 2 when the kids aren’t looking. (They are 2 and 4, so they can’t see that high anyway!)
    Yay for a kidless week! I’m going to Calgary for the weekend with my BFF kidless! Shopping, spa, Olive GArden, heaven!!


  8. Ooooh M&M’s…a major part of the Mars family! (also a food group!) A Mars bar for you Carrie!

    Say hi to my hometown for me. I just found out they have TWO Sephora locations in Calgary, so I’m planning a trip soon myself. Maybe October.


  9. Guilty as charged. I hide a bag of chocolate covered cranberries in my desk at home (purchased when I am alone, of course). I don’t know why I should feel guilty keeping them to myself; hubby has a whole bag of M&Ms on his dresser unopened since Easter. Daughter has a basket of candy collecting dust in her room…. and yet I sneak a few goodies for myself, careful to rinse out my mouth before goodnight kisses so they can’t smell the forbidden chocolate on my breath.


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