From a dimly lit living room, on a faded denim couch. Midnight.

“I just wish I’d get invited to one party.  I don’t even know if I’d actually go, especially if there was drinking, but Christ is it too much to ask to be invited?  They all sit around bragging about where they’re going on Friday or Saturday night and they have the nerve to ask me my opinion on what they should wear or do I think they should go with so-and-so, but do they ever ask me to go with them?  I’m just so tired of being left out.”

It’s hard being a teenager.  It’s tough dealing with friend issues and boy issues and a heavy workload in school.  It’s hard when your best friend gets all the attention from every boy she crosses paths with and they don’t give you a scrap of attention, except maybe to enquire if Best Friend is interested in hooking up with them.  It’s hard being the third wheel to Best Friend and her boyfriend, being asked to go spend the night and instead sitting for hours (reading a book!) while she talks on the phone to him.  It’s hard being a size 4 in a crowd of size zeroes and even though the adults in your life constantly assure you that you’re perfect in every way, you still feel like you’re fat and less worthy.  It’s hard worrying about the fact that you probably won’t be asked to the Winter Ball and you’ll end up missing one of the big milestones of high school, because there’s no way you’re willing to go alone.  It’s hard dealing with the personalities that are fifteen and sixteen year-old girls, the vindictiveness, the backstabbing, the cruelty.

It’s even harder being her Mom and seeing the tears glistening in her beautiful brown eyes as she tries so hard to keep herself composed, even as all the hurt spills out of her sweet mouth.


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  1. From a dimly lit living room, on a faded denim couch. Midnight.

    It’s hard being a teenager. It’s tough dealing with friend issues and boy issues and a heavy workload in school.


  2. Ohh…rip my heart out! We get some of that stuff over here too and it is. so. hard.


  3. I so dread having a child that’s a teenager. I remember. And remembering, I know that the pain, the anguish, the stuff they go through… it will make me mad to have to watch it!


  4. Been there, gots the tshirt. The only thing that fixed it was fnding new friends, and a better version of me.

    But still, when it’s my kid sitting in front of me, weeping like we’ve all done, I’m not gonna be so composed. The hard lessons we all need to learn. 😦


  5. Been there as a teen too.

    If I would have known how different it was going to be in my 20s, I wouldn’t have cared.


  6. They must be deaf, dumb & stupid. She is beautiful, loving, kind, has an amazing sense of humor, to say nothing about how brilliant she is. My tears are mingled with yours.


  7. Oh that hurt just to read.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that someone smartens up before Winter Ball.


  8. Being a teenager was a living nightmare but I dread the day my kids (especialy my daughter) have to face the same things I did. I’m so sorry your daughter is going through such a tough time right now. She sounds like an awesome person.


  9. Posted by CanadianCarrie on September 17, 2007 at 7:35 pm

    12 to 18. The worst years of my life. But they did teach me something, which was that YOU yourself are in control of your desiny/ life, NOT your lame flaky friends, emotionally inept parents (Mine, not your daughters :)), and stupid boys. In spite of all that, I have turned into, and am raising a confident, kind, tolerant, smart daughter.
    I hope it gets better for her, and it sounds like you are an amazing mom.


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