Adam’s Grade 4 Journal Entry – last Tuesday

This weekend my sister puked in the food court.

It all started on Saturday when my family was going to the Dentist and andie didn’t have a 3-course breakfast.  when we got to the dentist they had new floride.

If you swallow to much of of it you have to go to the hospital, Andie swallowed some which made her ill.  It was almost lunch so we went to the mall food court, Andie had a burger and she had to puke so she ran to the bathroom and she stopped right next to some people and out came that burger.

in conclusions, No breakfast + yucky floride + A and W Burger = one thing Vomit!  Adam Bach Top Reporter out.

(copied exactly as he wrote it)

(Andie was mortified)

(I’m expecting a call from the teacher any day now)


3 responses to this post.

  1. I love that he’s the “Top Reporter.” That is some news indeed. His sister’s going to get him.


  2. This is hysterical! Your blog is hysterical!
    My name is Andie too, like your daughters and, because I am simple, this delights me to no end!
    Very funny stuff!


  3. Well, it’s nice to know she’s gotten public vomiting out of the way so early – it will save her years of shame down the road! heee!

    P.S. Let’s get together sometime, no?


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