Comment Box Tuesday

You know what? I write some of my best stuff on other people’s blogs, in their comment section. I imagine some of you do too. I actually spend a lot of time reading the comments sections of other’s blogs and often click over to the commenter’s site if I enjoy what they have to say. I’ve found some of my bestest daily reads that way. So, I thought it might be fun to link to a few of my favourite writers with the comments I left on their sites.


~Hola Isabel

I love your mad paint skillz and must admit that when you mentioned praying to the Baby Jesus my mind instantly went to Taladega Nights and Will Ferrell (sweet 8 pound, six ounce Little Baby Jesus!). I don’t know if you remember WKRP in Cincinnatti, but Les Nessman had a great cure for barring people from his “office” (which was really a desk in the middle of the room). He just put masking tape on the floor where the walls and doors would have been. That’s what I do when I’m cranky at work and I don’t want anyone to come into my cubicle. I put masking tape on the floor in the doorway and make people knock. My coworkers don’t whisper behind my back about me at all 🙂

~Joy Unexpected

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Can’t we just talk instead? How was your day?


A friend of mine recently referred to this month as “Checktember” (aka Chequetember for us up North, eh?). This time of year sets my chequebook ablaze as I literally give away my last pint of blood in exchange for school fees and text books and sports fees and fundraisers and…then the dryer breaks. I would take up pole dancing for a second job to pay the bills, but my fresh from the washer lingerie wouldn’t slide nicely on the pole!

(wait! Did I frighten you? Why are you running away?!)

Hope the rocking horse finally comes through with your four thousand bucks.

~Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Shortly after my second daughter (who was nine at the time) found out about how babies are made, she must have done a little calculation in her head taking into account her older sister, younger brother and her. Then she turned to me and in the most disgusted of voices exclaimed, “Oh my God! You and Daddy did it three times!!!”


Did you enjoy this feature? Or did you just click away in disgust and neglect to visit some of the greatest writers ON EARTH (heh, I guess if you clicked away already, you probably didn’t read this far anyways. Suck it, you reckless clicker you!). I’m thinking about making this a regular feature in order to highlight the many, many blogs (like yours!) that I follow and adore (but not in a stalkerish, night-vision goggles kind of adore. Just plain bread and water adoration). You know regular, like every Tuesday or every couple of weeks or in three years when I remember I wanted to do something regular, as we lifelong procrastinators are apt to do. Oh we have big plans, us procrastinators. HUGE! We are gonna take over the world! Tomorrow.

Let me know what you think. (be gentle!)


Hey, do ya’ll have me in your feed reader? Or did you happen upon Procrastamom the old fashioned way? Get with the times Ladies and Gents…it’s all about how healthy you’re eating these days. Whole grains, organic veggies and a good variety of heart healthy (& happy) blogs. Make sure you’re feeding yourself 4-5 servings of “blog” a day. Or in the case of my feed reader, 80-100 per day. Hey, I’ve always been a big eater!

Here, chew on this:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Very cool! I really like it; what a neat idea. I especially like Woulda Shoulda’s comment…that made me laugh…hard.


  2. I think I fit your procrastinator description. Good idea, though. I might do something about it…..tomorrow.


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