TGIM (thank gawd it’s monday)

Ugh, this whole post SUCKED right from the time I started writing it to now, as I continue to type drivel into my post thingy (too tired to think about the actual name).  Was trying to convey in an interesting way how gawd-awful busy we were this weekend and how I actually can’t wait to get to work tomorrow to enjoy some downtime.  Mostly for the simple reason that I will only have to get behind the wheel of my van twice.  Once to drive to work and once to get home.  Three soccer games, three separate times for soccer pictures, two dentist appointments, one trip each to Safeway, Costco, the bakery and the meat shop added up to a ton of driving this weekend.  I’m expecting a nice letter from the oil companies later this week, thanking us for keeping them in business.  And about that Global Warming thing…all us.  Completely our fault.

I’ve just finished 5 hours of *studying, I have a major cold and I’m heading to bed for a few hours of shut-eye before I’m required to leap up and be a Mom/Payroll Administrator/Taxi Driver/Student all over again.

gak! splutter! f&*k! dammit! gklsklslkjlj !!!

(wait, did any of that make sense?)

(*I really think I should have just bucked up the cash and purchased a degree from Sally Struthers.  The course withdrawal deadline is tomorrow at midnight.  My finger is hovering over the plug and I’m precariously close to pulling it…I’m only two weeks in…the doubts are haunting.)


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  1. Hnag in there babe!


  2. […] TGIM (thank gawd it’s monday) […]


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