Sweating Bullets

Oh my god!  I am currently the highest bidder on ebay for two items that are exactly the same thing.  I sort of remember four days ago that I thought it would be a good idea to bid on a few different auctions of the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel so that I might ensure the winning of one.  That is, I only WANT ONE!  If I win them both I am in so much trouble with Cheap Bastard.  Fifty extra bucks on the credit card he might not notice.  But a hundred?  He’s gonna notice.

(Why yes, I am a kept woman, thank you for asking.  My husband keeps me out of trouble by doing the budget for the family.  He keeps me out of doing yard work by doing the mowing and the trimming.  He keeps me on the internet by being my IT guy.  I think I will let him keep me.)

You know, this is all Sephora’s fault.  If they didn’t want to continue charging me 97.00 Canadian dollars for a $65US item, plus $17.00 shipping, when our dollar is worth more than our Southern Cousins’, then I wouldn’t have to resort to shopping on ebay for all of my beauty necessities.  And yes it is necessary to peel (microdeliver?  philosophize?) my face once a week with the magic goo.  It makes mah skin sexay, yo!

Actually, shopping on ebay has proven to be a lot cheaper than buying retail and my last three purchases, including shipping, have all been less than the sticker price.  I just wish I wasn’t so trigger happy with the bidding fingers.  Oh!  You just beat my bid of $35 with $37.50?  I will bid $40!  You will see my forty and raise it to $42.50?  I will foolishly raise my maximum to $50!  (because I trust that you don’t have your best friend bidding against me to get the highest price for your wares Mrs. Ninety-Nine Point Nine Nine Five Positive Ratings Ebay Superstar Powerseller From Hawaii.  Riiiiiight)  I admit though that I do feel a little slighted when I get an outbid notice in my inbox.  And yes, sometimes I get a little competitive bartering for my face tonics.  I will show you flexigirl771 !  You think you can swoop in with your $51.50 bid one minute before the auction ends?  Ha, ha!  I will bid $55.00!

See how I might have gotten into this double bidding war in the first place?

Dear flexigirl771,

Please swoop in and outbid me on at least one of the Microdelivery Peels auctions.  I would like to keep both my husband and the shiny credit card he lets me carry around.

Yours truly,


Update 6:38 pm:  Oh crap!  I won one of them…$43.75.  Only two more hours or so until the other auction ends.  Please, please let someone else bid over the forty dollar mark.  I don’t want my marriage to end!  Who will cut the grass?!!

Update 9:22 pm:  Sorry, you didn’t win eBay item Philosophy MICRODELIVERY PEEL KIT  

(can I get a round of “Phew!’s” all up in here?!)


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by squishycutegirl on October 30, 2007 at 12:54 pm

    I am afraid of Ebay. The bidding wars get my blood pressure up and I’m too competitive and if someone outbids me at the last minute, I get very disappointed. I’ve stayed away from there for a while now. I’ve been thinking of going back. Just once in a while. I’m sure if I start I could quit anytime I wanted.

    I hope someone outbids you so you can maintain your livelihood!


  2. I used to be like this. By the time my stuff comes, I wonder why I need 6 Lush bath bombs.


  3. Posted by CanadianCarrie on October 30, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    Gotta love Ebay, thanks for the reminder to go find some shoes. My bff bought some CUTE shoes for a great deal!!
    Good luck with the bidding!!


  4. Posted by missmamamoon on October 31, 2007 at 7:35 am

    Heh – I was going to offer to buy one off of you if you won both, but you’re A-OK!

    And seriously on the Canadians getting gouged thing: Our dollar is worth MORE than yours now – can you please stop ripping us off? I buy Bobbi Brown cosmetics and easily pay anywhere from $10-25 more for any given item. Sucks, man.


  5. Were you the winning bidder? I too am scared of ebay. However I adore Philosphy products and Sephora in general. I’ve considered taking a day off work just to drive to Sephora in Lynwood and save PILES on stuff I spend way too much on…thanks to Amalah I am a Sephora addict. I hate spending $50 + shipping for a cream that’s “worth” $38:) Frickin’ americans and their lack of responsiveness to the almighty canadian dollar eh?


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