Yesterday, I commented on a friend’s picture on Facebook that she still looked fabulous.  Seriously, she’s just as gorgeous as she was in high school and doesn’t look like she’s aged a DAY since we graduated in 1990.  The only thing that’s better about today’s look is that she’s recovered from the foot high bangs and stepped away from the teasing comb, just as most of us lost souls from the eighties have (I still have my pick in my back pocket though.  Just in case the “perm with the feathered bangs” ever comes back into vogue).

She was, however, always a little blunt with what she’d say.  Not nasty, but direct.  Kind of with an undertone of toughness if you know what I mean.  You always knew, but just in that little tiny corner in the back of your mind, that she was one of those people that you didn’t ever want to piss off.  We weren’t best friends by any stretch of the imagination either.  We actually hung out because we were both friends of other friends and our group ended up together frequently in different social situations.  We were more than casual acquaintances and less than BFF.

So, having commented the way I did and sincerely meaning every word I typed, and also knowing what I know about her personality, I was still kind of stunned to receive this message back from her:

It’s because I have no children to ruin me! 🙂

Uhmm, what?  Cough.  Splutter.  Choke, choke.  Huh?

How am I supposed to take that?  How much should I read into it?  Children ruined me? Does the smiley face make it all good?  Would a winky face have made it sound more tongue in cheek?

You know I actually giggled when I first read this.  Then my mind sort of screeched to a halt and squeaked out, “WTF?”

I mean really.  WTF???


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  1. You know, looking at the quote now on this pretty pink background and with the : ) changed into a friendly little round yellow ball and the italics softening the words, it almost comes across as a friendly little jab. “Poke to the ribs, giggle, giggle, you’re a Mom silly.”

    Maybe I’m making too much of this?



  2. What a bitch! LOL

    Don’t read into it. She’s probably just bitter. 🙂


  3. Posted by squishycutegirl on October 31, 2007 at 9:07 am

    I would have been annoyed by that. I’d probably respond with a “Screw you, I’m gorgeous! 😉 “. You know, give her a little dose of her own medicine.


  4. Chill out. She’s just messing with you. If I didn’t have kids, i’d say that to someone myself.


  5. Yeah, I’m thinking she sounds jealous.


  6. Yeah, she’s just giving you a hard time. I’d write her back and remind her how gorgeous you are…kids and all!!


  7. Posted by missmamamoon on October 31, 2007 at 11:58 am

    Heh – I’d have been offended too! I’d point out that you’re not “ruined” and are in perfect working order, thankyouverymuch and that’s AFTER birthing three kids! I dare her to write a blog THIS funny while looking after children.


  8. I’ve said stupid things l like that and then thought hours later, “Omigosh! That could have been taken as a total insult!” which of course I didn’t mean, I was just trying to be funny. Then I wonder if I should say something later or if that will just make it worse.

    Some of us do not think before we speak (but we are working on it).


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