Role Reversal

Her: (jumps on the bed, snuggles up to Him)  How you doin?

Him:  Ugh, what do you want?

Her:  (blows kisses)

Him:  Oh god, you don’t want SEX do you?

Her:  It’ll only take a few minutes.

Him:  But I’m tiiiiiiiired.

Her:  It’ll help you sleep.

Him:  I have a headache.

Her:  I can make it go away.

Him:  No, you can’t.  Besides, I have my period.  My toe cancer is acting up.  I just had a shower.  I’m watching my stories.  The kids will hear.  I’m tired!

Her:  Fine, I will just lay here and dryhump you instead.

Him:  Why can’t we ever just cuddle?  Why does it always have to lead to something?

Her:  Come on…in the time you’ve spent arguing, we could have done it twice by now.

Him:  Ooookaaaay, I’ll do it.

Her:  (jumps off bed)  Eep!  No!  I’m too tired!


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  1. Posted by squishycutegirl on November 13, 2007 at 5:22 pm



  2. Awesome!!

    And they swear they’re never too tired. I like to wait until the hubs can barely keep his eyes open and then suggest it. When he says no I reply with, “HA! I told you’d there’d be a day you didn’t want to.”

    My joys are simple, but they’re real.


  3. Heeheehee!


  4. Major role reversal. Especially the period part. N


  5. Posted by missmamamoon on November 15, 2007 at 3:53 pm

    Um – you are just plain HYSTERICAL!


  6. Whe let you into my bedroom?


  7. *laugh* thanks for the smile, I needed it today. 😀 Have a great Thanksgiving!


  8. Haha, i think I like you guys.

    Good luck with that toe cancer though.


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