It’s like being on permanent vacation. You know…better than Edmonton, but not quite Aruba

So, we’re back to renting. Once a renter, always a renter? Or is it three times a bridesmaid, always a renter? I’m not sure, but here we are again. It’s an interesting story really and goes something like this: business in trouble BLAH BLAH BLAH house had to be sold BLAH BLAH BLAH profits lent to business BLAH BLAH BLAH bank no longer wants to repo equipment BLAH BLAH BLAH lawyers bankers crooks and businessmen. The End. Kind of a sad mellowdrama if you’re us. But also kind of fucking awesome, if you’re us. Because the old people? My parents? Richard’s in-laws? My kids grandparents? They be gone!

Procrastamom climbs the mountain for the millionth time in a month and, dressed in her Julie Andrews-esque blue smock and apron, runs and twirls from peak to blessed peak whilst belting out:


So yes, we no longer live with my parents and all of us (them included) could not be happier with this arrangement. After eight long years of sharing the same four walls and ONE KITCHEN it was definately time for us all to go our own separate ways.

We rented a beautiful four bedroom home a mere three blocks from where we lived before. We’re steps away from Adam’s school and surprisingly (is this a word? I’m declaring it a word), even though we didn’t move very far, we’re actually in a better part of the neighbourhood. Hmmm, also surprising (and this is where I don’t use surprisingly twice, because even though I declared it a word I’m still kind of scared of my own power and don’t want to overstep my station): I don’t miss the burned and abandoned crack house on the corner either. Or my hillbilly neighbours across the road with all their junk on the front lawn. I love having curbs and a driveway and a pretty house that doesn’t look like a rental from the outside.

The kids don’t miss a thing about the old house. They each still have their own bedrooms, we have a recreation room now, three bathrooms….oh and this:
Household Favourites - best part according to the kids!

They don’t want for anything, except maybe for the May long-weekend to get here as fast as possible so we can heat that puppy up!


3 responses to this post.

  1. LOL!

    Congrats on your newfound privacy!

    Oooo….a pool. I’m going to be so jealous in the summer!


  2. Niiiice….renting beats living out of your car!!!
    Sadly we will be renting for quite some time now


  3. Holy – that’s awesome! I just followed a comment you made (somewhere? I left your tab open a while and I forget now) that mentioned you’re Canadian. Hi from a fellow Canadian!


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