Last Minute Meltdown

Looks like procrastination has gotten me in trouble once again. Richard just called me at work and he used his angry voice. The sale of our house closes tonight and he was just over there dropping off the last key and doing a final walk through to make sure we’d gotten everything.

That’s when he found them.


The six boxes of Girl Guide stuff that I should have unloaded a year ago. Heh.

(this is where we insert the Cheap Bastard’s angry voice. He had to huff and puff and throw those boxes in the back of our van. Which, GOD, I arranged to drop them off tonight already. And by arrange I mean I called her this afternoon and begged her to take them)

I haven’t been involved in Guiding for over a year and yes, I’ve had all this time to call the District Commissioner and ask her where she’d like the boxes delivered.

When we decided to sell the house in January Richard said, “you must call DC and get rid of those boxes.”

In February, when we moved into the new house (and I knew we still had at least a month to get our stuff out of the old house) he said, “you need to have those boxes out in the next couple of weeks!”

When we sold the house mid-February he yelled, “BOXES!!! OUT!!!! NOW!!!”

And the whole time I agreed that yes, yes, I’d get right to that task. The boxes, they would be gone forthright.

Today’s conversation involved a lot of words that contained the words “mother” (but not meaning my MIL…or his), “son-of-a” (not in reference to our ten year-old bundle of joy) and “ass” (not the one I’m currently sitting on). Oh and he also exclaimed #$**/#@ BOXES!

Gosh, I just don’t know why he gets so bent about these things. He knew who I was when he married me. (It’s not like I tricked him into marrying me by getting pregnant. At nineteen.) He KNOWS I do everything last minute. Everything including:

  • Filling out forms and writing cheques (I’ve bribed the hot lunch lady at school once or twice, so she’ll take our order late. Good thing she’s my good friend. From Girl Guides coincidentally).

  • Signing day planners for the kids (see running out the door whilst pulling on shoes, with pen in teeth)

  • Buying birthday presents the day before and even the day of.

  • Taxes and RRSP planning (April 30th and February 28th respectively).

  • Making doctor and dentist appointments (“Yes, but can you fit us in TODAY? The boil, it is protruding. How about tonight? It has sprouted little legs. Tomorrow morning, but that’s my last offer! It is quoting Shakespeare! Okay, two weeks from Tuesday it is.”)

  • Changing our address with the post office.

He’s just such a nag. Such a Mouthy Martha. Such a Worrying Wanda.

I’ll have to give him a piece of my mind tonight…after I get home from the post office.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Squee! My mother was a Girl Guide, and my Grandmother was a GG leader when they lived in Ontario.

    Except we call them Girl Scouts here, and I was mortified when mom would say Girl Guides to my troop (what? I was 7!)

    Also, taxes are due on 4/30 in Canada? April 15th, baby. Actually, an additional 2 weeks would just make tax season longer. And FUCK THAT.

    Even though I am a procrastinator/lazy, my husband is worse. So I’d sound just like Richard in this scenario, I’m afraid. 🙂


  2. Sadly I am your husband..but passive aggressive and wouldn’t yell angry things..just get myself in a knot about it.


  3. So glad I’m not the only one…


  4. You’re husband can’t be too suprised. Hasn’the seen the name of your blog? And I think you just described me to a T with that list. Happy to know there are others like me out there.


  5. Umm….ya. You wanna see procrastination? Whoooaaa baby, I’ll post about it this week. With pictures, even.

    Heh. Should be fun. You can see my PILES of procrastination.

    Fortunately Hubs just doesn’t say anything, because he knows if he did, he wouldn’t be getting any cookies.


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