I’m sitting here eating them at my desk…whilst babying my sore finger

Screw that fell out of my oven

Last night I was busy making chocolate chip cookies (as opposed to the chocolate-chipless-cookies that Ashley loves to make…what is the point without the chocolate, asks I). When I closed the oven door after trading the cookie sheets, a screw fell onto the floor (ping!). I bent over to investigate and, unfortunately I’d already peeled off my oven mitts, because when I picked that sucker up it sizzled as it burrowed itself into my flesh! With smoke! I screamed and flung it across the kitchen and then I found it under the water cooler and then it was STILL! HOT! so I chucked it from hand to hand and then I put it carefully on the counter and took a picture of it for my blog. Then I Twittered the incident. The end.

(did you know I Twitter now? I totally do. Because I have lots of spare time for it)

(If you happen to be a wall-oven mechanic/technician, maybe you could help me figure out where the screw dropped out of. I’m sure you can tell from the type of screw or maybe the shape and colour of it? By looking at a picture on the internet. Yes?)

Would you like a cookie?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Mmmm…..cookies….


  2. Posted by CanadianCarrie on March 29, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    MMMMM cookies and facebook go very well together! 😉 I’ve seen twitter, I wish I had time for it, facebook does enough of that!
    YIkes, SMOKE off your singeing finger!!


  3. So sorry to be LAUGHING OUT LOUD at your pain, but that was hi-larious.

    Why, oh why, did you pick it up AGAIN??

    Love your blog by the way. Adding to my Google reader fo sho.


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