Is it just me or is anyone else grateful for their line of credit?

What we have in the cupboards/fridge: sugar, tea, baking soda, bacon bits.

What we need: paper towels and EVERYTHING ELSE.

Budget: $300

After fueling the van: $200

Then we need a new hallogen lightbulb (tube)in the laundry room: $190

Mom, Dad, it’s allowance week!: $150

Hot lunch money is due Monday: $130

Don’t forget the soccer uniform deposit (just. the. deposit!): $30

We could start our flower boxes this weekend!: $5

What we’ll have in the cupboards/fridge on Sunday night: sugar, tea, baking soda, bacon bits, 4 litres of milk

What to use instead of paper towels: toilet paper, Safeway flyers, sleeves.


2 responses to this post.

  1. yeah, I might actually be looking forward to that ridiculous George Bush rebate to stimulate our household’s economy!


  2. Hey add to that new shoes for a kid, plus a dress shirt and tie for the grade 7 ‘grad’, etc etc etc……..

    We have to go to the city tomorrow so there’s a ferry ride, bus fare, lunch….


    Hey weren’t we BCers supposed to get some hydro rebate thing? $100 per adult, $30 per kid?

    Oh and I may get bumped from my job because all sorts of people above me had their hours reduced. I just missed being laid off, but now there’s nobody to bump.



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