Random bullets for a random weekend

  • The In-Laws were supposed to be coming for the weekend, but my poor MIL got sick early this morning and they had to cancel the trip. We spent yesterday evening “scurryfunging” to get the house in shape for their visit. I got that word from the game Scattergories (in the 80’s) which defines scurryfunge as: to run around the home last minute, frantically cleaning when you know guests will be arriving shortly. We swept, we mopped, we vacuumed, we scrubbed. I’m telling you, our house is so clean you can eat off the plates! The couch is so crumbfree, you can sit down without hearing a crunching sound! Our toilet is so clean, you can pee in it! Ahem, anyways…now that they’re not coming – which I’m really sad about, because I love their visits – I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my weekend. I mean, what does one do with an entire Saturday and Sunday when the house is already clean? Relax? Read? Take up Origami? I’m kind of stumped.
  • I changed the sheets on our bed last night, but because we only have two sets of sheets for it and use all of the pillow cases from both sets for our four pillows, I had to get a little creative. Right now Richard’s side of the bed is sporting a Mickey Mouse pillow case and mine features Barbie. How pathetic is that? I mean the kids abandoned these jeuvenile characters long ago and there’s no way I would get away with putting them on their beds. I still slept really well last night, with no negative body image dreams to speak of, even though that skinny Barbie bitch was probably whispering crash diet tips in my ear the whole time. I have a hankering for cabbage soup today, too.
  • I think with all this free time this weekend, I might try and hit some garage sales. This WORLD FOOD SHORTAGE CRISIS BOOGA BOOGA has me going a little squirrely. I’ve decided I need a crockpot, a bread machine and lessons on canning my own food, uhm, yesterday, so I’m hoping to find at least a bread machine for a good price (5 bucks would be nice). This fantastic article from Alanna at Blogher is what initially set me off. I also need to find a large chest freezer to store the side of beef I’m trying to convince Richard we should buy, I’ll be filling the garage with contraband rice (Costco is already limiting purchases, I noted on my last trip) and also, a garage sale is always good for acquiring new books to read.

So, what does your weekend look like? And what are you reading right now?


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m not the only one hunkering down for nuclear winter? Good to know. 🙂

    I’m likely cleaning out my fridge this weekend. Good times….

    Just got a breadmachine…don’t really like it.


  2. My dh just decided to start baking ALL our bread. (Previously he has baked one loaf a week.) You’re not alone.


  3. Company always has me scampering to clean … that’s why we never have company! Ha!


  4. You are absolutely more then welcome to come over and clean my house if you’re really that bored. I’ll even pay for the ferry and feed you chocolate rice krispie squares. Really!

    Way back in January, a neighbor that was moving gave me a whole pile of canning jars and I had made plans to do more jam, pickles, fruit etc this fall. Should be fun! I hear ya on the food shortage thing though, groceries are expensive enough here and now everything just keeps going higher. Between that and gas, it’s a bit nerve wracking.


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