NaBloPoMo – June – Home: Day 1

This whole post is a hoax. I’m going to datestamp it with Sunday, but I can’t in good conscience spell conscience without looking it up post it without this disclaimer. I missed the first day of NaBloPoMo again, but that’s because I didn’t look up the theme until today (Monday the 2nd). It’s kind of like how the first thing you should say on the first day of the month is “RABBITS”. It should be the first thing out of your mouth and if you say it, you’re sure to have good luck the whole month through. After 36 years and 1 month and a few days, I finally said it on Sunday morning! I thought about it when I woke up and I got up and washed my face and held it in until I walked into the living room where Adam said, “good morning” and I replied with, “rabbits!” Oh my god, I simply cannot wait to spend my lottery winnings on Wednesday! And for that whole World Peace thing to start happening!

So the theme for June is HOME, which for anyone who’s been reading here for more than a day or two? They know I have an opinion or two about that. (A whole category even)

My opinions change with the seasons about what HOME means to me. Ownership, renting, living with my parents, finally living without them, moving away from my hometown…I have a lot to say, and my heart has a lot invested, in HOME.

Stay tuned for the real Monday.


One response to this post.

  1. Damn, I just realized that the whole rabbits thing had NOTHING to do with missing the first day of nablopomo. My comparisons, how they suck.


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