Home – A few of my favourite things #1

Household Favourites - Vacusweep
This is my crumb sucker (as Karen likes to call it), otherwise known as a Vacusweep, otherwise known as The Sucker I Love The Most (sorry honey).

It caught my attention as we were walking through this house for the first time. Richard was drooling over the pool, so badly that there was a fear it would overflow, but me…I was falling hard for the one thing in the kitchen that would make my life so much easier. Every day after dinner (and for the first few weeks we were here, right after I jumped out of bed in the morning…that was certainly not appreciated by four out of five family members!) I just sweep all the crumbs over to the crumb sucker, activate the lever with my foot and the door flies open and swoops in all the mess. No dust pan, no bending, no backache. It’s the lazy person’s right hand. The left one being the hand that holds the doughnuts.


3 responses to this post.

  1. must. have.!!


  2. Posted by CanadianCarrie on June 3, 2008 at 7:00 am

    I would buy a new house just for this feature, I used it constantly when we house sitted (sat?) for my sil!!


  3. WHA?!? I think I’m in love. WHERE do I get me one a those?


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