I just walked by the boardroom at work and did a double take on one of the meeting attendees. I thought my co-workers were having a health & safety session with Former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein. Now, call me an Alberta Girl, but I totally wanted to go in there and get his autograph…possibly on a cheque for all of those tax breaks I missed out on from 1998 forward when we moved out of the Province. Hey, I’m a Liberal but even I can’t deny how that staunch Conservative turned Alberta’s economy around in his tenure. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really him, but I think one of my colleagues is going back into the meeting to tell the guy that I think he looks like a prominent political figure, so maybe I’ll get that autograph anyways. Score!

I have a sharp piece of granola stuck way up into my gums and I’m afraid it’s driving me mental. I think I’d rather have my arm cut off with a chainsaw than suffer this pain. Yes, even my good arm (I’m a righty!). I made granola bars last night, but I ended up burning them and because I’m CHEAP and I paid over four dollars for the can of sweetened condensed milk and thirty thousand dollars for the almonds, I am eating them anyways (Karma, that beyotch, got me good with my first bite and stabbed that needle of granola deep). It only takes a little bit of elbow grease, a hammer and a sharp spatula to force those suckers out of the pan…and Richard’s going to help me chisel the rest out tonight. It’ll be a nice project that we can tackle together.


I burned the granola because I was lost in a sewing project when the timer on the oven went off. I’ve decided to go green and save the environment (single handedly!) by making reusable shopping bags out of old t-shirts. I got the idea from etsy. I noticed a few people are selling slightly different versions of a t-shirt bag and decided to concoct my own version. I made a couple and they turned out really well. I’ll take some piccies and post them later. The trouble now is, I’m scouring the house for old t-shirts and my family has had to put their favourites into hiding for fear they’ll end up holding next month’s groceries. I have reusable bags from Superstore – the black 99 cent ones – but the cashiers at Safeway give me the stinkeye when I use them there, so I thought I’d make up a bunch of t-shirt bags to alleviate that issue. Now, when I hand them my recycled t-shirts to stuff groceries into those jaded cashiers won’t be thinking “damned Superstore shopper”, instead they’ll be thinking “damned Hippie!”


4 responses to this post.

  1. Wow…$30K for almonds…I’d eat every last crumb too! 😉


  2. OMG, I have six thousand t-shirts, maybe I’ll send you some! Is it still green if they are shipped 2,700 miles?


  3. Posted by CanadianCarrie on June 23, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    holy crap! This is exactly what I need to do with my kids old sentimental shirts that i don’t want to give/throw away or use for rags!!
    Granola up the gum sounds painful, good luck!


  4. I was just going to take a bunch of clothes to the Salvation Army, but maybe I’ll have to make them into something instead. At least it would save me the trip 😛

    Hey I did the granola bar thing awhile ago….but nobody ate them so they’re in the freezer.



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