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Five on a Friday

Teena at It’s All About Me! posted a Friday meme that looked like so much fun I just had to join in.

Your Top 5 Songs With Numbers in Title (can’t use the number 1).

(Initially, I couldn’t think of any other than Deepsix, so I whipped out my iPod and copied down any song that had a number in the title…that’s why there’s more than five songs here. That and I have a hard time following directions)

Deepsix – Matthew Good Band
Five Long Years – Colin James
Grade 9 – Barenaked Ladies
Song 2 – Blur
Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams
Switch 625 – Def Leppard
Two Steps Behind – Def Leppard
Zero- The Smashing Pumpkins
1979 – The Smashing Pumpkins
38 Years Old – The Tragically Hip
99 Ways to Die – Megadeath

Then I took it a step further (because I’ll do ANYTHING to avoid the month end reports sitting on my desk) and listed all the bands I had with numbers in the title:

Level 42
Eve 6
4 Non Blondes
Seven Mary Three
Soul II Soul
Third Eye Blind
10,000 Maniacs
8 Seconds

Add any you can think of in the comments!


PS: Hoping my friends down South and also up North have a great day off today celebrating Independence Day!


If they were cooked already I might lick the screen

Ree's Bacon Appies

We’re attending a wind-up party for Ashley’s soccer team tomorrow night at the coach’s house, so tonight I prepared Ree’s Bacon Appetizers. I had to prepare them ahead of time and store them in the fridge overnight, because they take two hours to cook! By the time I get home from work tomorrow night I’ll have just enough time to cook em and pop em on a plate alongside some Boursin Cheese and crackers. The timing is perfect as they’ll come out of the oven right before we leave, so I won’t have a chance to wolf down 3 or 4 (or 12 or 13) before they hit the buffet table. These have been REALLY popular at the parties I’ve taken them to previously. My brother likes them so much that he will walk into my house on any regular day (like to pick up Richard for a movie) and shout, “where’s my bacon thingies woman? Get in the kitchen and make em for me!” (he’s still alive only because I love my nephews so much and I’d hate for them to grow up without a father)

I included the type of crackers I used in the picture in case any of my Canadian peeps are having trouble finding “club crackers” and want to make this recipe. I remember club crackers from when I was a kid, but I couldn’t find them in any of the grocery stores I frequent. I found these Toppables at Safeway and I think they’re the closest to the real thing we Canucks can buy North of the Lower 48.

Oh Em Gee, they’re delish!

Random bullets for a random weekend

  • The In-Laws were supposed to be coming for the weekend, but my poor MIL got sick early this morning and they had to cancel the trip. We spent yesterday evening “scurryfunging” to get the house in shape for their visit. I got that word from the game Scattergories (in the 80’s) which defines scurryfunge as: to run around the home last minute, frantically cleaning when you know guests will be arriving shortly. We swept, we mopped, we vacuumed, we scrubbed. I’m telling you, our house is so clean you can eat off the plates! The couch is so crumbfree, you can sit down without hearing a crunching sound! Our toilet is so clean, you can pee in it! Ahem, anyways…now that they’re not coming – which I’m really sad about, because I love their visits – I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my weekend. I mean, what does one do with an entire Saturday and Sunday when the house is already clean? Relax? Read? Take up Origami? I’m kind of stumped.
  • I changed the sheets on our bed last night, but because we only have two sets of sheets for it and use all of the pillow cases from both sets for our four pillows, I had to get a little creative. Right now Richard’s side of the bed is sporting a Mickey Mouse pillow case and mine features Barbie. How pathetic is that? I mean the kids abandoned these jeuvenile characters long ago and there’s no way I would get away with putting them on their beds. I still slept really well last night, with no negative body image dreams to speak of, even though that skinny Barbie bitch was probably whispering crash diet tips in my ear the whole time. I have a hankering for cabbage soup today, too.
  • I think with all this free time this weekend, I might try and hit some garage sales. This WORLD FOOD SHORTAGE CRISIS BOOGA BOOGA has me going a little squirrely. I’ve decided I need a crockpot, a bread machine and lessons on canning my own food, uhm, yesterday, so I’m hoping to find at least a bread machine for a good price (5 bucks would be nice). This fantastic article from Alanna at Blogher is what initially set me off. I also need to find a large chest freezer to store the side of beef I’m trying to convince Richard we should buy, I’ll be filling the garage with contraband rice (Costco is already limiting purchases, I noted on my last trip) and also, a garage sale is always good for acquiring new books to read.

So, what does your weekend look like? And what are you reading right now?

Had great ideas. Blogged very little.

I got this from RedBook, but I’ve seen it all over the blaawgosphere. Basically, you have to write your memoir in six words.

Mine are:




(*seriously ya’ll, go make this cake! I made it on Friday night and it was gone by Saturday morning. So, so delicious! I’m heading to Costco tonight to stock my fridge with cream cheese and carrots, so I always have a supply of ingredients for this cake. Also buying bigger pants.)

So, what’s your six word memoir?

Stuff, things and thoughts. Also muffins.

Ugh! My last post was piffle! Absolute garbage! Just goes to show what can happen when you’re drunk on lack of sleep, stuffed up to the gills with a cold and wondering how you will ever escape the chokehold that Chapter 3 – Intermediate Accounting: Third Edition has on you. Is it at all possible that you will ever understand the single-step Income Statement? Why oh why don’t you remember how to do adjusting entries? Does this course get easier soon? Like, will this textbook eventually ask you how to pair socks or make a really good lasagna? Because. I can do that! I could totally pass if they put that on the final exam.

Luckily, an adequate amount of rest and some killer cold medicine (yay Tylenol Cold for nightime!), combined with a really productive day at work led me to last night where I passed the bi-weekly quiz with 2.5 out of 3.0. I kicked myself for missing that last half mark because these quizzes are open book and I can take as much time doing them as I want, but I was just so glad to be done with it for another two weeks I was practically euphoric. Now I can take my time over the next two evenings to do the practice questions and past exam questions so I can really understand Income Statements and Balance Sheets. Oh, and the midterm assignment isn’t due until Nov. 7th so I totally won’t stress about that until….uhm…November 6th?

Most nights Ashley and I do our homework together at the dining room table (aka Homework Central as the entire tabletop is covered in papers, books, office supplies, a laptop, a graphing calculator for Ash and a plain old printing calculator for me). She has a HEAVY workload this semester (grade 11) with three honours courses – English, Math & Social Studies – and Chemistry. My poor girl is up until at least 11:00 every night pounding away at the books. She’s so dedicated to her studies, but I really worry about the load she’s carrying this term. She’s really a perfectionist and no mark is a good mark if it’s not an A. I just don’t know how she’s going to react if she ends up with B’s and C’s in these much more difficult honours courses.

Also, her Chemistry teacher (who I sort of know from an outside association) is being a real witch. What do you think of the fact that she gave the class a quiz in the first week and then she split them into two groups based on how they scored on that test. Unfortunately, Ashley scored in the lower group and this teacher makes a point of helping the kids in the “smarter” group first. Apparently she will outright ignore people with their hands up in the lower group until she’s finished with everyone in the smarter group, even if they have their hands up first. Yesterday, Ashley said someone from her group had to call out “Hello!” to finally get her attention (I guess she would have looked stupid not responding to that). She acts like her teaching skills are far too good for the “dumb” kids and she doesn’t have time to waste with them. I told Ash that I would be saying something to this woman about this at the next parent teacher interviews, but she balked at that guessing that the teacher would treat her even worse if I called her out on her actions. So now I’m wondering if I should say something or just let it go?

I was planning to do Comment Box Tuesday today, but I have commented on exactly one blog this week that I can remember. So here’s a mini Comment Box Tuesday for you from Bumblebee Sweet Potato which is a blog that I absolutely adore. I have been a fan of landismom since May of 2005, when I first started this blog and she’s always been a frequent commenter. Basically, I pink puffy heart her. And you should too.

Bumblebee Sweet Potato

Ashley had hers done at four. Richard took her to the mall one day without me and she asked to have it done, so he let her. Andie was about nine and she spent her own birthday money to have it done.

Like you, my Mom had her ears pierced for the first time when I did at seven years old (wait, does that make sense? I was seven, she was [takes off shoes and socks and borrows fingers from colleague also…28 plus 7, carry the zero]= 35). She didn’t take well to it and let them close up after a year or two. I still have the holes in my ears, but I rarely wear earrings as I usually don’t remember to.

One more thing. One of our foremen brings in donuts and muffins every time he comes into the office. I mean every single time. He ususally works out of town, but if he’s in the office doing an estimate for a week then we get treats from Monday to Friday. So, can you believe that some people are rude enough to exclaim in front of him how they wish he wouldn’t bring food into the office because he’s making them fat? He’s making you fat?!! Sorry, but don’t you choose to pick up the donut and put it in your own mouth? You could seriously just walk by the table and not grab something while you’re in the kitchen getting your coffee. He doesn’t stand there and force feed you at your desk! Also, he buys these treats with his own money, so I wonder how they don’t think they’re being rude by basically refusing a GIFT. Besides, I’m sitting here enjoying an apple and blueberry Tim Horton’s muffin from this morning’s haul and when I bite into the middle what should come rolling out? That’s right, blueberry sauce. And that my friends is a pretty nice gift!

Post of the Century?

I love this.  It’s the most honest view of motherhood that I’ve ever read.  Real.  Perfect.

Comment Box Tuesday

You know what? I write some of my best stuff on other people’s blogs, in their comment section. I imagine some of you do too. I actually spend a lot of time reading the comments sections of other’s blogs and often click over to the commenter’s site if I enjoy what they have to say. I’ve found some of my bestest daily reads that way. So, I thought it might be fun to link to a few of my favourite writers with the comments I left on their sites.


~Hola Isabel

I love your mad paint skillz and must admit that when you mentioned praying to the Baby Jesus my mind instantly went to Taladega Nights and Will Ferrell (sweet 8 pound, six ounce Little Baby Jesus!). I don’t know if you remember WKRP in Cincinnatti, but Les Nessman had a great cure for barring people from his “office” (which was really a desk in the middle of the room). He just put masking tape on the floor where the walls and doors would have been. That’s what I do when I’m cranky at work and I don’t want anyone to come into my cubicle. I put masking tape on the floor in the doorway and make people knock. My coworkers don’t whisper behind my back about me at all 🙂

~Joy Unexpected

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Can’t we just talk instead? How was your day?


A friend of mine recently referred to this month as “Checktember” (aka Chequetember for us up North, eh?). This time of year sets my chequebook ablaze as I literally give away my last pint of blood in exchange for school fees and text books and sports fees and fundraisers and…then the dryer breaks. I would take up pole dancing for a second job to pay the bills, but my fresh from the washer lingerie wouldn’t slide nicely on the pole!

(wait! Did I frighten you? Why are you running away?!)

Hope the rocking horse finally comes through with your four thousand bucks.

~Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Shortly after my second daughter (who was nine at the time) found out about how babies are made, she must have done a little calculation in her head taking into account her older sister, younger brother and her. Then she turned to me and in the most disgusted of voices exclaimed, “Oh my God! You and Daddy did it three times!!!”


Did you enjoy this feature? Or did you just click away in disgust and neglect to visit some of the greatest writers ON EARTH (heh, I guess if you clicked away already, you probably didn’t read this far anyways. Suck it, you reckless clicker you!). I’m thinking about making this a regular feature in order to highlight the many, many blogs (like yours!) that I follow and adore (but not in a stalkerish, night-vision goggles kind of adore. Just plain bread and water adoration). You know regular, like every Tuesday or every couple of weeks or in three years when I remember I wanted to do something regular, as we lifelong procrastinators are apt to do. Oh we have big plans, us procrastinators. HUGE! We are gonna take over the world! Tomorrow.

Let me know what you think. (be gentle!)


Hey, do ya’ll have me in your feed reader? Or did you happen upon Procrastamom the old fashioned way? Get with the times Ladies and Gents…it’s all about how healthy you’re eating these days. Whole grains, organic veggies and a good variety of heart healthy (& happy) blogs. Make sure you’re feeding yourself 4-5 servings of “blog” a day. Or in the case of my feed reader, 80-100 per day. Hey, I’ve always been a big eater!

Here, chew on this: