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Summer is for Reruns – Anniversary Edition

Sunday the 27th was our wedding anniversary and the first time in 17 years that we hadn’t spent the day together. I was in Canmore reveling in the nuptuals of some close friends and Richard was home with the kids. Money Certain circumstances prevented us from all travelling together and I had quite a few moments of melancholy over the weekend when I stopped to remember that they weren’t all with me, enjoying the festivities.

We each got a text message for gifts (Him: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY — Me: U2 LOVE U!), which is appropriate because, apparently, there is no traditional “must-give gift” for a 17th anniversary.

I did decide that I want to renew our vows in our 25th year, so I only have 8 years left to plan for that. I’m sure I’ll get to it around July 26th, 2016. Oh yeah, also, I’d better tell Richard my plans before then…gah! I’m already overwhelmed!

Obviously, I didn’t write anything here for this anniversary, so I’ll take you way, waaaaay back to 2006 when I really tried to show Richard that I cared by writing more words than would fit on a text message:


I never needed love

Remember after we first met in grade 11, how we’d sit next to each other on the school bus with our knees touching? We’d share the earphones from your walkman and we’d listen to “When I’m With You” by Sheriff all the way to school. Rewind. Listen again. Rewind. And again.

Like I need you

Remember how you thought my name was Becky for a whole week after you met me? You were afraid to call me by name, because you weren’t quite sure if you’d heard me right when I introduced myself. Finally your sister told you that she was sure my name was Vicky and not Becky. You call me Vick. I prefer Vick.

And I never lived for nobody

Remember how you asked me to “go out” with you after that first dance in September 1988? I said, “yeah sure, I guess so.” You said something about your poor bruised ego. When you asked the question I was trying to act aloof. I really wanted to climb to the top of the highest roof and scream “yes! I want to be your girlfriend! I am so madly, deeply in love with you I could probably throw my body from this rooftop, if you’d just ask me again! Yes! And yes!

But I live for you

Remember how we’d spend hours and hours driving around in your dad’s truck, just talking? Even at 16 years old we had deep, meaningful conversations about our dreams for the future. How we wanted a family some day. How we were going to get married and be together forever. We knew all the way back then. We still have some of our best conversations in the car when we’re driving long distances. They’re some of my favourite times spent with you.

Ooh babe

Remember standing in the bathroom at your Mom’s house staring at that pregnancy test after our trip to Banff? Remember we cried, because we were only 19 and how were we going to do this? I remember feeling that first twinge of happiness too, because at that moment I knew there were now two people in my life to love. I thought you might have felt that way too. After Zeenee was born I knew. You give perfect Dads a bad name. You are the best one.

Lost in love is what I feel

Remember how we struggled financially those first years? We rolled pennies for milk. We worked for ridiculously low wages. We fought a lot. I finished school after Zeenee was born. Then you went to school so you wouldn’t have to spend your life working for minimum wage. You worked two jobs AND went to school! How did you live through that? How were you able to be such a good husband and father back then? You were. Things are so much better now, but I’ll never forget how hard you worked for us. I admire you for that.

When I’m with you

Remember July 27th, 1991? I wore an ivory maternity dress and you had a perm! At the Devonian Gardens in Calgary, in front of 50 friends and relatives, we promised to love, honour and cherish each other for evermore. So happy that day. I never thought I could be more madly in love with you than I was then. I am.

Maybe it’s the way you touch me
With the warmth of the sun
Maybe it’s the way you smile
I come all undone
Ooh babe
Lost in love is what I feel
When I’m with you

Happy 15th Anniversary Sweetie.



Look — someone else is celebrating an anniversary too! Only Bossy has been MARRIED as long as we’ve been together. Happy 20th Miss B!


Love Thursday – The Soccer Mom

This time of year on a cool, crisp Sunday, there’s nothing I love more than sitting on the sidelines of a soccer pitch watching my girls play.  Perched in my “pack n’go” chair, coffee in hand and sometimes a blanket on my lap, I cheer on two of my favourite people as they participate in a sport that they both love.

Ashley didn’t start playing soccer until she was in grade 5.  Being young parents we didn’t have the funds to put our kids in extra-curricular activities until much later in our marriage and careers, so Ashley didn’t get the head start that most girls who play soccer did.  Most kids start soccer in Kindergarten or grade 1 around here and here in the Lower Mainland everyone’s kids play (I say everyone, but then Adam doesn’t play.  He played a season in Kindergarten and picked dandelions and played with the nets all year.  He now says soccer is his “nemesis”).

The late start hasn’t stopped Ash from becoming a star player.  She started as a Goalie…the only kid on her U-11 team who could kick the ball out of goal and over the centre line.  Now she plays Centre and is a top scorer on her team.

Andie is playing U-11 Select this year (a rep team) and we’ve known since she started playing in Grade 1 that this is where she was heading.  As a 6 year old she always knew to stay out of the “hive” that the other kids were creating and wait for the ball to fly loose from the pack, then she would take it up the field and score. 

She’s a dedicated player and will spend HOURS out in our back driveway juggling and kicking the ball against the shed.  THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, OUCH, THUMP (the ouch is from when she kicks it to high and it hits Grandad who’s sleeping on the porch swing above the deck.  Happens a lot!).  Andie plays Centre, Goalie and sometimes Mid.  And of course, because I’m her Mother, I think she plays them all perfectly.

Soccer has brought our family many gifts, especially in the social network department.  Ashley found her best friend playing soccer and Richard and I have made countless friends and aquaintences of the parents from both teams.  In fact, the people who invited us to go to the Merritt Mountain Music Festival with them next summer are Ashley’s best friend’s parents…soccer led us to them.  We often joke that the girls shouldn’t dare ever want to quit soccer for any reason.  What would become of OUR social lives?

This time of year on a cool, crisp Sunday, there’s nothing I love more than sitting on the sidelines of a soccer pitch watching my girls play. 

…ask me again in January when I’m hunched under an umbrella, covered in six layers of clothing and freezing my ass off early on a miserable Sunday morning.  Opinions may change.

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