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Summer is for Reruns – Anniversary Edition

Sunday the 27th was our wedding anniversary and the first time in 17 years that we hadn’t spent the day together. I was in Canmore reveling in the nuptuals of some close friends and Richard was home with the kids. Money Certain circumstances prevented us from all travelling together and I had quite a few moments of melancholy over the weekend when I stopped to remember that they weren’t all with me, enjoying the festivities.

We each got a text message for gifts (Him: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY — Me: U2 LOVE U!), which is appropriate because, apparently, there is no traditional “must-give gift” for a 17th anniversary.

I did decide that I want to renew our vows in our 25th year, so I only have 8 years left to plan for that. I’m sure I’ll get to it around July 26th, 2016. Oh yeah, also, I’d better tell Richard my plans before then…gah! I’m already overwhelmed!

Obviously, I didn’t write anything here for this anniversary, so I’ll take you way, waaaaay back to 2006 when I really tried to show Richard that I cared by writing more words than would fit on a text message:


I never needed love

Remember after we first met in grade 11, how we’d sit next to each other on the school bus with our knees touching? We’d share the earphones from your walkman and we’d listen to “When I’m With You” by Sheriff all the way to school. Rewind. Listen again. Rewind. And again.

Like I need you

Remember how you thought my name was Becky for a whole week after you met me? You were afraid to call me by name, because you weren’t quite sure if you’d heard me right when I introduced myself. Finally your sister told you that she was sure my name was Vicky and not Becky. You call me Vick. I prefer Vick.

And I never lived for nobody

Remember how you asked me to “go out” with you after that first dance in September 1988? I said, “yeah sure, I guess so.” You said something about your poor bruised ego. When you asked the question I was trying to act aloof. I really wanted to climb to the top of the highest roof and scream “yes! I want to be your girlfriend! I am so madly, deeply in love with you I could probably throw my body from this rooftop, if you’d just ask me again! Yes! And yes!

But I live for you

Remember how we’d spend hours and hours driving around in your dad’s truck, just talking? Even at 16 years old we had deep, meaningful conversations about our dreams for the future. How we wanted a family some day. How we were going to get married and be together forever. We knew all the way back then. We still have some of our best conversations in the car when we’re driving long distances. They’re some of my favourite times spent with you.

Ooh babe

Remember standing in the bathroom at your Mom’s house staring at that pregnancy test after our trip to Banff? Remember we cried, because we were only 19 and how were we going to do this? I remember feeling that first twinge of happiness too, because at that moment I knew there were now two people in my life to love. I thought you might have felt that way too. After Zeenee was born I knew. You give perfect Dads a bad name. You are the best one.

Lost in love is what I feel

Remember how we struggled financially those first years? We rolled pennies for milk. We worked for ridiculously low wages. We fought a lot. I finished school after Zeenee was born. Then you went to school so you wouldn’t have to spend your life working for minimum wage. You worked two jobs AND went to school! How did you live through that? How were you able to be such a good husband and father back then? You were. Things are so much better now, but I’ll never forget how hard you worked for us. I admire you for that.

When I’m with you

Remember July 27th, 1991? I wore an ivory maternity dress and you had a perm! At the Devonian Gardens in Calgary, in front of 50 friends and relatives, we promised to love, honour and cherish each other for evermore. So happy that day. I never thought I could be more madly in love with you than I was then. I am.

Maybe it’s the way you touch me
With the warmth of the sun
Maybe it’s the way you smile
I come all undone
Ooh babe
Lost in love is what I feel
When I’m with you

Happy 15th Anniversary Sweetie.



Look — someone else is celebrating an anniversary too! Only Bossy has been MARRIED as long as we’ve been together. Happy 20th Miss B!


Home – A few of my favourite things #1

Household Favourites - Vacusweep
This is my crumb sucker (as Karen likes to call it), otherwise known as a Vacusweep, otherwise known as The Sucker I Love The Most (sorry honey).

It caught my attention as we were walking through this house for the first time. Richard was drooling over the pool, so badly that there was a fear it would overflow, but me…I was falling hard for the one thing in the kitchen that would make my life so much easier. Every day after dinner (and for the first few weeks we were here, right after I jumped out of bed in the morning…that was certainly not appreciated by four out of five family members!) I just sweep all the crumbs over to the crumb sucker, activate the lever with my foot and the door flies open and swoops in all the mess. No dust pan, no bending, no backache. It’s the lazy person’s right hand. The left one being the hand that holds the doughnuts.

Truly, I have the best husband alive

My email to Richard this morning:

It’s the big Army and Navy shoe sale today (and here I didn’t even book the day off), where they have designer shoes for cheap, cheap. Can I take Ashley tonight to see if we can score a deal? They restock the shelves at lunch and dinner. Can we go? Can we? Can we? (not you I mean…don’t think YOU want to fight those crowds)

What’s Ashley’s email address? Can I text her by email? She needs to hear this news NOW!


His response:

Yes go, I would not go within 5 clicks even if they sold sony

And then I responded with:

Maybe I will not be going because I’m probably getting fired or leaving in a huff in about ten minutes.

I fucked up a government payment and there’s going to be a penalty. Boss is gonna scream and rant. I’m gonna cry and cower.

I am truly screwed…gotta go confess now.


Best part. Response from him:

Then you’ll make the noon re stocking

I so, so love that man.

(and yes, the boss was livid and I apologized up and down and we’re still in the process of trying to fix things…GAH!)

From her favourite son’s wife

When I was 19 and pregnant and scared, she gave me a hug and told me everything was going to be okay. Then she booked me an appointment with her family doctor, who went on to deliver all three of my kids.

When I was newly married and unskilled in everything culinary, she taught me how to make some simple dishes and gave me her best recipes that I still use to this day. Because of her, I make a mean lasagna and cheese biscuits that makes my family drool.

When I visit her, we talk and talk. And drink tea and eat cookies. I know that when I need it, she will always have tea. Always.

I have always thought that – if I had been given the opportunity to interview a million people and pick just one for this position – she would have been my first choice.

The position is Mother-in-law and “she” is mine. Today is her Birthday and because I know she reads here regularly, I just wanted her to know that I wish I could be there to celebrate this special day, give her a big hug and tell her how much she truly means to me.

…and then we would drink tea!


I have found the promised land…and it is Hersheys

Hersheys Cherry KissesI just tasted my first Hershey’s Cherry Kiss and I have to say that any minute speck of virginity I might of had left is GONE!

(get it? it popped my cherry? ha, ha! erm…heh)

(I’m funny to ME and that’s all that counts)

I immediately Googled this blessed confection and found out that the cherry kisses are a LIMITED EDITION chocolate kiss filled with Cherry Cordial Creme.

CHERRY ! ! YUM ! !


I guess others must feel this way though because one candy lover has put up a petition to get Hersheys to sell them in stores year round. I signed it.

(you should too, even if you haven’t tried them yet. You don’t like cherries, you say? Sign it for me then, an unweird-cause-I-don’t-hate-cherries-and-how-normal-can-you-really-be-if-you-hate-cherries-you-must-kick-puppies-in-your-spare-time-too person. Do it for the CHILDREN ! ! Do it for the PUPPIES ! !)

I am off now to fill my pockets with the reamining chocolates in the bowl and then find the kind donor who put these delights in the lunchroom.

…and shake them down until they confess as to where they purchased them, so I can spend my entire next paycheque filling up the back of my van with cherry kisses in preparation for the nuclear winter to follow until they come out in stores again next Valentines Day.

Beat, beat…

I drove Richard to the Westcoast Express Station the other day to catch the 6:30 a.m. train into Vancouver, as I have every day for the past three years or so. As I watched him walk away from the van, his beautiful form clad in business casual, something within me stirred and I realized that I missed him already…and I couldn’t wait for 5:10 to arrive so I could see him again.

These feelings don’t bubble up very often in my stone cold heart that is three sizes too small. After 15 plus years of marriage, the “butterflies in my stomach” buzz is more likely to happen after eating a bad burrito than it is from catching sight of the person that I’m most comfortable with in the whole wide world. I no longer get dizzy from the slightest touch of his hand. My breath doesn’t catch at the sound of his voice.

I do, however, look forward to his daily phone call at work. We can easily while away a half hour of talk about our budget, the kids or about our plans for the future at the same time that I’m paying 180 union electricians and he’s scanning aerial photos. Funny that we can then go home after a long day and have dinner with the kids, then both of us will sit in front of the computer or the TV and not discuss more than who’s taking who to what practice or should I be debiting the money for buns and ham out of chequing or savings (DON’T TOUCH THE CHEQUING ACCOUNT! he always says…I usually forget and use it anyways). We also have our longest and best talks when we are taking a drive somewhere, whether it be two cities over to a soccer game on a Sunday or out to Kelowna for a weekend visit with our family. We have this easy banter culled from years of knowing each other from the inside-out. We have the same values, the same goals and usually when we disagree about an issue, one of us can eventually be swayed into the other teams camp. I say USUALLY, because I will never be convinced that time travel is possible. You can’t go back to what isn’t there anymore and you can’t go forward to what isn’t there yet. And I’m firm on that one.

I love that he’s the first one to pick up a duster or run the vacuum. I love that he’s a great father who’s involved in every aspect of our childrens’ lives. I love that he sends me flowers or brings me gifts when I least expect it. Not usually on Valentine’s Day, because that would be too predictable…but certainly on Vicky’s PMSing And She Needs To Know She’s Loved Day or I Passed This Street Flower Vendor Downtown And Thought Of You Day. I love knowing that I’m on his mind and that sometimes his heart stirs a little bit too. Like it did in 1988, when the hormones were practically bleeding out of our ears. I remember the constant, dull roar in my chest brought on by him. Beat, beat…my crush. Beat, beat…my boyfriend. Beat, beat…my best friend. Beat, beat…my husband.

I look forward to spending many more years with him, driving and talking. Working and talking. I worry that I might one day have to spend part of my life without him. He can’t be the first to go, because then I would be left to do the driving…and I would talk to him anyways. And that would just look silly.

…beat, beat. My Valentine.


I needed this today. I’ve needed it all week. Forever maybe.

I found it today. I read it. A lot of it.

I found grace. I’m not sure if I’ve even ever seen it before. Or stopped to notice.

Maybe I didn’t know what to look for. Not sure I knew I was looking.

You need this too. You need to read this. You need to find it too.

Atomic Tumor